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A bunch of Peasants getting poisoned by Mustard Gas. A possible unit, the Giant, is seen in the background.

World War, or WW, is a scrapped Faction for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. It appears to have been removed from the full game. These units' equipment would be more advanced and powerful than the other, historic factions. This faction included units from Both world wars (WW1 and WW2).

This period in history saw huge improvements in weaponry, including: poison gas, motorized infantry, tanks, and machine guns, along with other automatic weapons. It will also be based upon the new technology that Hitler, Stalin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Churchill, Franco, Mussolini, and Hirohito created in the Second World War. This faction is combination of two previously announced factions, WW1 & WW2.



Some soldiers from WW1.


  • This faction will have outfits and assets in the Unit Creator which means it will be possible to make the faction. (Or most of it)
  • They will have some units from this faction in the Secret one as confirmed in a tweet.
  • WW1 and WW2 used to have their own Factions, until they were merged. This is likely because of the lack of units they would have if the two Factions separated.
  • M1 Abrams was, for a short time, added to this Faction, until it was moved to Modern, then to the Legacy Faction after the Modern Faction was scrapped.
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