The Workshop is a feature of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator that allows users to save and share user-created content. The workshop was introduced in version 0.4.0 with the Battle and Campaign Creator.

The workshop is powered by, a sister site of Mod DB. It is currently not supported by Steam Workshop.


The workshop tab can be accessed from the main menu. Within the workshop, users can filter by content type, newness, ratings, popularity, and various categories. Downloading any custom content will be saved and accessed separately from the game’s default content (ie custom campaigns are listed in a separate tab within the campaigns menu).

An image of the current workshop.

Battle Creator

To create a saved battle, go to sandbox mode and place some Units. At the top of the window, you can save the battle with its own name and description. You can also set the player’s budget and restrict unit choices, as well as select the battle's win conditions.

Campaign Creator

Also accessible from sandbox mode; to create a campaign, create a name and description for the campaign, then drag and drop any number of battles that you have saved.

Unit Creator

See Unit Editor.

Faction Creator


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