Win Conditions were added alongside the Western Faction and can be accessed by clicking the gear and then 'win conditions'.

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An example of the win conditions menu


  • Defeat all opponents: This is on by default and triggers when the other team has no units left.
  • Survive for ~ Seconds: After the set period of time passes, that team wins. If there are multiple timers, the lower one will show.
  • Must defeat unit: The player selects an enemy unit and when that unit is killed, the other team wins. In Campaign Creator, this can be used inversely by requiring the player to protect one of their units on the Red Team, or else they lose.
  • More win conditions will come in later updates.
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    An example of a defend icon

Known Bugs

  • If two timers are set to the same amount, it will say red wins in
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    An example of an attack icon.

    ~, however blue wins.
  • If there are enough units on the battlefield then the player sets a timer the timer numbers will grow huge and lag the game horribly, and even sometimes crashes the computer. This bug can be avoided by slowing down the battle when the numbers grow huge.
  • If there are no win conditions for each team then when all units die nothing happens.
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