The Wild West Faction is a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator


The Western Faction is based on the era of cowboys, on which the faction is mostly based lasted from around the 1850s to the 1920s. (probably) It was added on May 26 2020 alongside win conditions.

The Faction contains many very powerful ranged units, however most units have lower health to remain balanced. The dedicated map for the faction Western (Map) is known to have exactly the same background as westerns. Overall, the Western Faction is a very powerful force in battle. With their impressive attack power, they can sweep the field; but if the enemy gets close, then they will quickly fall and be defeated.


  • Wild West - A stereotypical western town in a desert with a saloon, hardware store, bank and church. It also has four streets and various cacti surrounding the town. The Bank Robbers, Ball n' chain, and Gatling Gun are found here.


Units Name Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
20200527113914 1 Dynamite Thrower 120 50 ? 10
20200527114012 1 Miner 200 125 ? 7
20200527114109 1 Cactus 400 250 ? 2 (Grab and Spray)
20200527114146 1 Gunslinger 650 30 ? 12
Lasso men Lasso 850 Low (Unknown(Horse)), 160 (Rider) Fast (Unknown) 5 (Lasso), 2 (Kick)
Deadeye Deadeye 900 70 ? 5
Wild2 Quickdraw 1200 50 ? 4


  • Landfall said it was not the last faction, and that it is an extra faction.
  • For some reason, Western units wielding a gun will fire even after their death if they started shooting while still alive.
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