The Viking Faction is a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


The Vikings are a faction that are based on the real Scandinavian warriors present in the 800-1100's, that are known for their invading multiple parts of Northern Europe during those times. They invaded several places of Northern Europe, including the east of Scotland, the north of Germany between others. This faction make it's strength from Berserk and Brawl than defense; some units can make powerful flanking charges with Headbutters, withstand barrages of ranged fire with Brawler Units. Viciously attack with leaping Berserkers, dive-bombing Valkyries, heavy area damaging Longships and all the while providing powerful backup units with the Jarl. They are also strong melee Units. It first appeared in the third Pre-Alpha update with the release of the Brawler (then simply called "Vikings") and the winter map.




Units Name Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
EA Headbutter Headbutter 90 50 Very Fast (Unknown) 2s (Fist), 5s (Headbutt)
Da66e4aa2ceb610f7fa35aec67cb2de4 Ice Archer 160 50 90 4
EA Brawler Brawler 220 100 90 2s (Axe), 3s (Shield)
Berserker Berserker 250 100 90 2s (Axe), 15 (Jump)
559393bbffaef8ccce587654df345881 Valkyrie 500 150 90 1 (Sword), 4 (Dive Bomb)
Executed Jarl 850 1105 70 3s
2019-04-19 (3) Longship 1000 1400 (Longship), 360 (Carrier), 150 (Oarman 90 1.5 (Carrier), 2 (Oarman)

Old Units




  • Several members of this faction have Landfall's logo on their clothing.
  • This is one the few factions to have a leaping Unit to reach backlines, the Berserker, the two other units being the Farmers faction with the Halfling, the secret faction having Ball n' chain, and the Dynasty faction with the Monkey King.
  • The Longship is not one unit, but six units since there are sub-units holding it up/riding it.
  • The Viking factions map in the Open Alpha was called Denmark.
  • The Jarl could have possibly gotten two spinning axes, rather than just one swinging axe.
  • In the old Viking Trailer by Landfall, it can be assumed that the Ice Giant would have been the Faction's Boss unit.
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