aka Crazy Anonymous Guy

  • I live in your closet.
  • My occupation is finding all the secrets in the world.

The paranoid guy who keeps checking the wiki activities for punks yet somehow misses half the punks on the wiki. If they find a punk, they will decide whether to block them, get them a correction message, or just watch them quietly from the shadows. Has a secret watch list of people who have been or likely to be of risk to the wiki.

I like TABS, Dark Souls 3, Paint the Town Red, and datamining the games to find all the secrets in the code. I can program is Java and JSON and I mod games. I also enjoy researching Japanese history, mainly feudal Japan, the Samurai, Shinobi, Kenjutsu, and weapons.

In case your wondering, as I have been asked a few times, I have a hacker face as the profile picture because I am part of the datamining community.

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