0.1.0 Features

0.1.1 Changes and balances

  • Moved level "Odds against you" towards the end of the adventure campaign
  • Tweaked enemy placement and unit restrictions in the level "Odds against you"
  • Valkyrie swords now stick to enemies
  • Decreased ice archer effect by 25%
  • Decreased ballista reload time from 12s to 10s
  • Increased ballista range from 45m to 50m
  • Slightly decreased catapult AOE radius
  • Increased Zeus reload time from .75s to 1.1s
  • Decreased Zeus lightning bolt damage slightly
  • Increased Zeus lightning bolt knockback slightly
  • Decreased snake archer reload time from 28s to 22s
  • Slightly increased snake movement speed
  • Slightly increased damage
  • Slightly increased snake aggro
  • Increased knight hp from 300 to 350
  • Decreased Valkyrie up and down flight movement by 50%. They can now more easily be killed by ranged units
  • Decreased Valkyrie hp from 200 to 150

0.1.2 Changes and balances

  • Increased Stoner reload time when enemies are in melee distance
  • Increased hoplites spear accuracy

- Note: For some reason most of the 0.1.2 "Balancing" and "Changing" is from 0.1.1 "Balancing" and "Changing", so I removed them.

0.1.2.a Fixes

  • Hopefully fixed the crashing between levels bug
  • Small fixes to make game more stable

0.1.3 Changes and balances

  • Snakes now die after 30 seconds
  • Changed some campaign levels by replacing snake archers with other units
  • Improved knight fighting style. The knight should be a bit more effective in combat now
  • Ice archer slow effect has been slightly buffed.
  • Increased priest healing by 300%

0.1.4 Features

  • Added options to switch sides of blue/red

0.1.4 Changes and balances

  • Slightly improved aiming of regular archers and spear throwers
  • Snakes and crows are no longer counted as being part of your team when checking the win condition.
  • Slightly increased the damage of the harvester's scythe
  • Slightly increased the collider size of the hoplite's shield

0.1.5 Features

  • Added 3 secret units. Find their weapons to unlock them
  • Added an in game roadmap
  • Added option to mute sound when application is in background
  • Added option to control the amount of screen shake
  • Added option to hide clothes from units
  • Added option to hide eyes from units
  • Added tooltip to faction buttons in placement
  • The UI now displays the amount of units placed

Secret units for update 0.1.5

0.1.5 Changes and balances

  • Added a trail to most fast moving projectiles to make them easier to see.
  • Trained the Sarissa in the arts of walking backwards
  • Minotaurs now always charge their target. Not only as a response to taking damage
  • Removed Defend the temple from the adventure campaign
  • Increased the damage and health of Zeus
  • Increased the attack speed of Zeus
  • Reduced the radius of the catapult explosion
  • Increased the reload time of the catapult
  • Increased the damage of pitchforks
  • Increased the health of pitchforks
  • Slightly increased the health of the harvester
  • Increased the throw strength of stoner
  • Increased the damage of the stoner
  • Increased the rate of throw of the potionseller
  • Slightly increased archer fire rate
  • Slightly decreased the amount healed by the priest
  • Slightly increased the health of the minotaur
  • Slightly Increased the damage of the headbutter
  • Slightly reduced the damage of the squire
  • Slightly reduced the cost of snake archers
  • Haybalers are now knocked back by projectiles. They still take no damage

- Note: It seems that Landfall calls farmers "pitchfork"

0.2.0 Features

0.2.0 Changes and balances

  • Added a secondary, shorter jump to the berserker for targets that are 8-10m away
  • Increased the hp of the halfling
  • Decreased the cost of the halfling from 60 to 50
  • Slightly decreased the halfling damage
  • Increased archer reload time from 7 to 8 seconds
  • Increased Artemis price to 5500
  • Decreased the number of arrows per Artemis attack
  • Increased Artemis spread

Secret units for update 0.2.0

0.3.0 Features

0.3.0 Changes and balances

  • Added some missing pieces to the armor of the knight
  • Added a projectile block to the Shogun
  • Slightly increased the size of the hoplite shield
  • Slightly increased the cost of the King
  • Decreased the health of the Shogun
  • Increased the time between dodges for the Sensei
  • Decreased the health of the Sensei

Secret units for update 0.3.0

0.3.1 Change and a balance

  • Camera now rotates when you enter a unit.

0.4.0 Features

0.4.0 Changes and balances

  • Increased the damage of the monk
  • Slightly increased the attack speed of the monk
  • Slightly decreased the health points of the monk
  • Slightly increased the damage of the squire

Secret units for update 0.4.0

0.4.2 Fixes

- I do not know what happened to 0.4.1

-It seems that landfall calls stoners "Stone throwers"

0.4.3 Fixes and a change

  • Improved pathfinding on Ancient sandbox and moved a fence that blocked the paths
  • Fixed the ghost stones on Tribal sandbox
  • Cavalry can now be controlled
  • The color of the Cavalry horse should now change correctly when affected by ice
  • The Chu ko nu Bolts can now be reflected
  • The helmet of the Hoplite will now be the right color
  • Fixed the camera being upside down for Mac players

0.5.0 Features

0.5.0 Change and balances

Secret units for update 0.5.0

0.5.1 Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Cavalry Knight couldn’t sit properly.
  • Fixed issue where the Cavalry Knights horse would flee, running straight forever.
  • Fixed issue where the Da Vinci Tank wouldn’t show any UI when possessed.
  • Fixed spelling error on campaign mission “Triple moon formation”.
  • Fixed ground clipping
  • Minor graphical fixes
  • Fixed Chu Ko Nu sounding like a musket
  • Added sound for fan bearer
  • Added sound for horses galloping

0.5.2 Fixes

  • Fixed issue with stone-throwers on MacOS
  • Fixed issue with levels in the Renaissance campaign
  • Signed EXE with digital certificate (might fix anti-virus warnings)

0.5.3 Fixes

  • Fixed drag and drop functionality in campaign creator
  • Fixed search field in workshop browser
  • Updated roadmap to display the correct information

0.6.0 Features

0.6.0 Changes, performance, and balances

  • Changed the Cavalry charge to deal more damage and knockback
  • Painters now try to dodge projectiles
  • Improved Knight fighting style. Shield should not get stuck behind its back now
  • Optimized highlights around units to use less CPU and GPU resources.
  • Improved UI rendering performance.
  • Minor improvements to in-battle rendering performance.
  • Decreased memory usage.
  • Performance should no longer degrade the longer you play.
  • Increased the health of Zeus
  • Increased the attack speed of Zeus
  • Increased the damage of Zeus
  • Reduced jouster cost
  • Increased hp of the jouster
  • Increased turn rate of the jouster
  • Decreased movement speed of jouster (They don't fall out of the map as much now)
  • Jousters now deals area of effect damage when running through a crowd
  • Slightly increased the health of the Cavalry
  • Cavalry now deals area of effect damage when running through crowds
  • Decreased damage of painter
  • Slightly decreased attack rate of the Painter
  • Slightly decreased the health of the Painter
  • Slightly decreased the knockback of the Painter
  • Decreased damage of berserker
  • Slightly increased attack rate of spear thrower
  • Decreased ninja shuriken knockback
  • Slightly increased Jarl attack speed
  • Increased Jarl knockback against heavy units
  • Increased King knockback against heavy units
  • Increased weight of king sword
  • Slightly increased the damage, attack speed, and knockback of the Knight
  • Slightly increased Knight cost
  • Increased the attack speed of the Fan bearer
  • Slightly decreased the knockback effect of the Fan bearer
  • Slightly increased the accuracy of the Sarissa
  • Slightly increased the weight of the Shieldbearer
  • Slightly increased the cost of the Potionseller
  • Slightly increased the size of the explosion of the Potionsellers potions
  • Increased the effect of the Potionsellers potion

Secret units for update 0.6.0

0.6.1 Fix and a change

  • Added a slow to the confusion effect of the Potionseller
  • Hopefully fixed infinite money bug

0.6.2 Changes and balances

0.7.0 Features

0.7.0 Performance and a change

  • Optimized performance when switching to Free cam by pressing F during placement.
  • Units can no longer be placed on surfaces that are very steep. Placing units on too steep surfaces sometimes caused them to get partially stuck.

Secret units for update 0.7.0

0.7.1 Fixes and changes

  • It is now possible to possess Blackbeard
  • The Blunderbuss will now be affected by the Ballista and the Balloon archers
  • Pirate Queen’s eye will now disappear when disabling eyes in the settings menu
  • The bomb on a stick will now explode correctly
  • The water on most levels will now be the correct lighter blue color
  • Highlighting now works as intended when restarting a battle
  • Possession camera now works as intended when canceling a battle when searching for possession
  • Dead clams will no longer spawn in the air after a while.
  • Improved the pathfinding around the statues on ancient 2
  • Moved the eyes of Blackbeard slightly lower

0.8.0 Features

0.8.0 Fixes and changes

  • Changed placement square to reflect the size and rotation of the unit to be placed.
  • Fixed some typos
  • Pirate Queen will no longer take damage from landing after her special attack jump.
  • Fixed collision on the rock in the water on the Pirate map
  • Fixed the issue on medieval 1 prohibiting placement on the side paths
  • The Blunderbuss hat will now work like the rest of the armor
  • The win screen should not be appearing in the placement phase anymore

0.8.1 Performance and a fix

  • Fixed the stacking issue with the mammoth in placement
  • Removed the fog effect from the spooky maps to improve performance

0.8.2 Fixes

  • Giants no longer spawn on top of each other
  • Placement Square now correctly displays the size of giant units.
  • Victory screen in placement when using delay should no longer occur
  • Swordcaster swords now interact properly with units that deflect projectiles.

0.8.3 Fixes, performance, a change, and a balance

  • Slightly changed the smoke effect of the muskets to improve performance
  • Slightly changed the smoke effect of the hwacha arrows to improve performance

0.8.4 Fixes and balances

  • The Reaper should now be flying again
  • The Units with special attacks that are automatic will no longer be visible when possessing a unit

0.8.5 Fixes, changes, balance, and performance

  • Fixed issue which stopped the mammoth from attacking correctly.
  • Fixed issues where monkey king clones would not attack in possession mode.
  • Fixed a bunch of combat moves not working in possession mode.
  • The First Dragon carrier now has the kick ability in possession like the other carriers.
  • Custom campaigns should no longer get stuck on download.
  • Adding a battle to an existing or newly created campaign should now work as intended.
  • Loading a previously saved battle and then saving it again now works as intended, with the name and the budget of the battle being saved correctly.
  • Changing maps after saving a battle no longer has a chance of spawning units from the saved battle.
  • Units should always correctly register as dead now, even with a priest healing them at the moment of death.
  • Now correctly hides highlight color around units when entering freecam in placement mode.
  • No longer possible to place units that aren’t allowed on a campaign level, when they were selected for placement in the campaign level before.
  • The settings window now works correctly when having Pumpkin Catapult placed.
  • Mounts get removed correctly when pressing the clear button. Some mounts would just have their rider removed.
  • Turning into a bat when possessing the vampire should now work as intended. This could yield unexpected errors in the past.
  • Units no longer drown from their weapons being underwater
  • Fixed bug which caused the camera to bounce backwards when starting a battle while in slow motion
  • Improved Monkey King fighting style
  • You can now start a battle with “End Battle” key
  • Some parts of the UI used the wrong time scaling mode. This has now been changed and all UI should behave correctly even in slow motion.
  • Environments now receive baked shadows when realtime shadows are disabled.
  • Units moving at high-velocity switch collision detection mode. This will stop them from going through other objects. Commonly happened when units fell from ballooner balloons.
  • Corrected the name of several units, to better fit the overall naming style. For example, the Hay Baler was renamed from ‘Hay baler’ to ‘Hay Baler’.
  • Decreased shadow distance.
  • Optimized collision for most levels
  • Optimized environment models

0.8.6 Fixes and changes

  • Blackbeard will now wear clothes again!
  • The issue causing models going at high speed to sometimes stretch when should now be fixed.
  • The Reaper death explosion should now work in possession.

0.8.7 Fixes, changes, balance, and performance

  • Projectiles from Hwacha and Artemis no longer goes through units sometimes.
  • Painter particle effect swap color when you set flip team colors in settings.
  • Fixed issue that caused particle effects to change color on frozen units.
  • Removed decimals for rating percentages in workshop
  • Overall improvements to game stability, meaning players should experience less crashes
  • Slightly changed the music trail effect of the bard to improve performance

0.8.7.a Fix

  • Fixed a security issue

0.8.7.b Fix

  • Fixed Hotfix issue where campaign levels don't show up.

0.8.7.c Fix

  • Fixed issue where users with older savefiles could not press start/clear buttons after a battle.

0.9.0 Features

Secret unit for 0.9.0

0.9.0 Fix, performance, changes, and a balance

  • Fixed issues when swapping team colors for units.
  • The Teachers should now hit more reliably
  • Red jade’s sound for her spinning swing now works correctly
  • Added new UI for selecting maps and campaign levels
  • Added categories for different kind of maps in sandbox menu
  • Slightly reduced the cost of the Brawler
  • Increased performance for UI when opening and closing menus
  • Optimized lightmaps for all levels

0.9.0.a Fix

  • Fixed issue where secrets can not be unlocked and the start/clear button stops working.

0.9.0.b Fixes

  • Now able to load another map after saving a custom battle.
  • Now able to type with any letters when saving custom content.

0.10.0 Features

0.10.0 "Bugs"

  • Added bug where players can access hidden developer tools such as force push, unit grab, spawn projectiles and gravity modulation.
  • Added a bug which causes fireworks to be too big and too strong.
  • Added a bug which makes it impossible for units to die.
  • Added bug where range units attack speed is too high.
  • Added bug where balloons weigh too much.
  • Added bug where units would become too big.
  • Added bug causing units to become too small.
  • Added bug where mammoths are able to be placed on top of each other.
  • Added bug causing halflings to implode into black holes.
  • Added bug causing units to unexplainably spin around at a close range.
  • Added bug where all units now have Valkyrie wings.

0.11.0 Features

Secret units for update 0.11.0

0.11.0 Changes and performance

  • Updates to UI design
  • Added gamepad icons in UI
  • Better rendering performance

0.11.a Fixes

  • Fixed issue with the Win Condition defeat target unit in custom battles
  • Fixed issue where the units in old custom battles would be facing the wrong way
  • Fixed some issues with logging into the workshop
  • Fixed issue where the arrows in the campaign and sandbox menu did not work with certain screen resolutions.
  • Fixed bug with unlocking Bank Robbers.

0.11.1 Fixes and a feature

  • Fixed issues with Lasso and Jester units
  • Fixed some issues regarding custom content not showing correctly
  • Added map name/battle name in placement mode

0.11.2 a feature

  • New option in settings for "LOD Quality" (higher settings change LODs further away).

0.12.0 Features

0.12.0 Changes

  • Made the Samurai’s sword go through the enemy less frequently
  • The Chu Ko Nu will now back away from units again.
  • Changed when units despawn after winning a campaign level
  • Added a chance for a small jump attack to the Club’s club
  • Added a charge to the mammoth.
  • Added a step in for the Farmer
  • Slightly decreased the damage of the Farmer
  • Decreased the health points of the Farmer
  • Added a small dash back to the Harvester's scythe
  • Added a small step-in to the Hoplite’s spear.
  • Added a small step-in to the Hoplite’s shield.
  • Added a small dash in to the Shield Bearer’s Shield.
  • Added a small dash to the Brawler’s axe.
  • Added a small dash to the Brawler’s shield
  • Increased the damage of the Headbutter’s fists
  • Increased the damage of the headbutter’s head
  • Made the Dragon’s fire breath larger.
  • Made the Dragon’s fire breath hit units closer to itself.
  • Made the Dragon aim it’s fire towards enemies a bit faster.
  • Added a small step in and step back to the Samurai’s sword
  • Increased the accuracy of the Hwacha
  • Increased the fire rate of the Hwacha
  • Added a step back to the Halberd’s halberd
  • Very slightly decreased the damage of the halberd
  • Added collision damage to the Da Vinci Tank’s Cannons
  • Very Slightly reduced the health points of the Da Vinci Tank
  • Increased the attack speed of the Da Vinci Tank’s cannons
  • Slightly decreased the size of the Reaper’s scythe attack
  • Slightly decreased the attack speed of the Reaper’s scythe
  • Slightly reduced the attack speed of the Blunderbuss
  • Slightly reduced the damage of the Blunderbuss
  • Slightly reduced the range of the Blunderbuss
  • Increased the knockback of the Blunderbuss
  • Slightly decreased the damage of the Flintlock’s punch
  • Slightly increased the damage of the Flintlock’s flintlock
  • Slightly increased the knockback on small units of the Flintlock’s flintlock
  • Added a small step in to the Captain’s sword
  • Slightly increased the cooldown of Pirate Queen’s parry ability
  • Very Slightly increased the cooldown of the Pirate Queen’s bomb Ability
  • Slightly increased the health points of the Miner
  • Increased the damage of the Miner’s Explosion
  • Added the name wobbly west to the big signboard in the wild west map.

0.12.1 Changes/bug fixes

  • Fixed the double spine on the skeletons
  • It is now possible to change video settings on the Legacy map
  • Fixed issue when adding some win conditions using a gamepad
  • Decreased the damage of the Haybaler
  • Increased the attack speed of the Haybaler
  • Made the Samurai more accurate with their katana
  • Made the Samurai’s katana slightly larger
  • Made the samurai’s dash in slightly longer
  • Made Thor’s hammer more accurate
  • Made Thor’s lightning bolt attack a bit larger
  • Increased the knockback of Thor’s hammer on large units
  • Increased the range of the dash in of Thor’s hammer
  • Slightly increased the size of the explosion when Thor’s hammer hits
  • Slightly increased the damage of the explosion when Thor’s hammer hits
  • Slightly increased the knockback of the explosion when Thor’s hammer hits

0.13.0 Features (Possibly coming September, 22, 2020)

Full-release 1.0 (October-December)

Post-release (2021)

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