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Every unit since the legacy update.


Units are the individuals who take the form of the wavy armed warriors that battle with low-polygon rendering in TABS. They are colored to match their team (red or blue), save for their unique headgear, clothing, weapons, and other items. Every unit has its own set of abilities which it can use. Each unit can be either a melee, a support, or a ranged unit.

AI System

They have a relatively simple AI system. Although AI is considered quite "basic" in the  Open and  Closed AlphaLandfall has redeveloped and innovated their AI for the Early Access release of TABS. The "New" AI has been showcased in the Closed Beta. They are special soldiers, whom you place before on the map before battle.

Each Unit has their own unique AI which determines its behavior in combat (for instance, the ranged units go to a certain distance before firing and the melee units will take the straightest path possible to their target). Certain units have the ability to dodge or parry, while others can charge into melee range. These abilities and behaviors should be considered when selecting and deploying your units, as they can have a major impact on the game. Currently, units are controllable.

Random Variation

Units can have minor variations between them that are randomly generated, mostly for aesthetics. Some of the changes include:

  • Slightly taller/short units.
  • Units with large/small body parts.
  • Units with large/small pupils/eyes, sometimes one large/small than the other.
  • Cyclops units (rare).
  • Multiple eyed units (more than 2 eyes) (very rare).
  • Units with 2 or more pupils in the eye (incredibly rare).
  • Giant/tiny units (very rare).
  • Fat/Skinny units (rare).
  • Two of these variations (depends on the variations).
  • Three of these variations (depends on the variations).

Googly Eyes

Units will always have googly eyes as long as they remain set to on in the options menu. Units also get X's on their eyes when they are dead, with some units they will show >< on their face when damaged, and normally they blink --. All things in TABS can have variation, like Clams from the CLAMS man, or birds from the Scarecrow. The Snake Archer's bow can also have eye variations.


Main article: Factions

There will be a reasonably large amount of units. Each one is placed into one of the several factions that depict different time periods- Tribal, Farmer, Medieval, Ancient, Viking, Dynasty, Renaissance, Pirate, Spooky, and more. These begin from just mere cavemen, but evolve to powerful, laser-welding superhumans. Each faction has about seven units, typically including a melee infantry unit, a ranged unit, a heavy unit, and a boss unit. Some factions will also have support or artillery units as well.

There are about 70 planned units planned for the full game, not including the secret units. (Currently, there are 77 units not including the secret faction.) there will soon be legacy.

Secret Faction

Most of the units are unlocked in the game from the beginning, but there is an exception for the Secret Faction. To unlock such a unit, the person must go to Free Camera Mode and search around for a weapon, or for a similar item.

Note: This is a general overview of the units, each of which has its own page. The links to those pages are listed below. All of the units are either a melee, ranged, or an artillery unit. Each unit is unique. There are no units with the same armor and weapons.

Note: The information in the unreleased section may be outdated. It may be advised to check the Units tab at the bottom to see upcoming units.


  • Landfall has stated that units' gender is Wobbler.
  • Several units are voiced by various YouTubers such as Blitz and BaronVonGames.
  • It was confirmed that there are plush toys for units.


  • Skinny unit and multi-eyed.
  • Two pupils in the eyes.
  • Large unit.
  • Multi-eyed.
  • Cyclops unit
  • Small limbs.
  • One big eye.
  • Small Unit.
  • Small eye.
  • Fat unit.
  • Multi-eyed
  • Giant Unit
  • Multi-eyed
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops
  • Giant Unit
  • Multi-eyed
  • Multi-eyed
  • Cyclops
  • Mammoth with no eyes
  • Cyclops
  • Smaller Limb
  • Fat Unit
  • Cyclops
  • Multi-eyed
  • Cyclops
  • Multi-eyed
  • Multi-eyed
  • Tiny Unit
  • Bigger Limb
  • Giant Unit on the menu screen
  • Tiny Unit
  • Giant Unit
  • Tiny Unit
  • Giant Unit
  • Cyclops
  • Multi-eyed
  • Giant Unit
  • Tiny Unit
  • Tiny Unit
  • Smaller Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Fat Unit
  • Fat Unit
  • Giant Unit
  • Multi-eyed
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops
  • Tiny Unit
  • Giant Unit
  • Smaller Limb
  • Bigger Limb
  • Cyclops
  • Bigger Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Tiny Unit
  • Smaller Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops
  • Smaller Limb
  • Fat Unit
  • Fat Unit
  • Smaller Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Bigger Limb
  • Bigger Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Fat Unit
  • big boi
  • a Dragon.... I guessGo to file:///C:/Users/j4mie/Downloads/Tabs%20pics/uhh/uh%20what%20do%20i%20name%20this.png
  • the long neck..ed GiraffetaurGo to file:///C:/Users/j4mie/Downloads/Tabs%20pics/uhh/giraffetaur.png
  • A big bomb.... on a stickGo to file:///C:/Users/j4mie/Downloads/Tabs%20pics/uhh/BIg%20Bomb....%20on%20a%20stick.png
  • So I guess one armed units are a thing..Go to file:///C:/Users/j4mie/Downloads/Tabs%20pics/uhh/Two%20arms%20are%20you%20loser.png
  • Thin Unit
  • Buff Unit
  • Cyclops
  • Multi-eyed
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops
  • Multi-eyed
  • Multi-eyed
  • Cyclops
  • Bigger Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Bigger Limb
  • Cyclops
  • Bigger Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Multi-eyed
  • Fat Unit
  • Giant Unit
  • Cyclops
  • Tiny Unit
  • Smaller Limb
  • Bigger Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Fat Unit
  • Cyclops
  • Giant Unit
  • Multi-eyed
  • Smaller Limb
  • Fat Unit
  • Fat Unit
  • Giant Unit
  • Thin Unit
  • Smaller Limb
  • Fat Unit
  • Smaller Limb
  • Smaller Limb
  • Giant Unit
  • Buff Unit
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops
  • Buff Unit
  • Bigger Limb
  • Cyclops
  • Cyclops
  • Smaller Limb
  • Multi-eyed

<tabber> |-| Tribal =

Name Description Picture Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Clubber Uses a club to smash enemies.
70 60 60 3s
Protector Has a weak wooden shield that blocks some projectiles. Protector 90 50 70 2.5s
Spear Thrower Throws spears. Spearthrower0 120 50 60 12.5s
Stoner Throws rocks.
160 15 60 15s
Bone Mage Summons spikes from the ground and can beat with its staff.
300 50 70 1s
Chieftain Attacks with two axes.
400 80 60 2s
Mammoth Rushes forward and slams its head.
2200 3000 100 5.5s

|-| Farmer =

Name Description Picture Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Halfling Jumps at enemies, latches on to them, and drags them down.
50 70 60 1s
Farmer Stabs with a three-pronged pitchfork.
70 60 60 1.5s
Haybaler Has hay around itself for defense against projectiles. Attacks with a stick.
140 80 70 2s
Potionseller Lobs potions that confuse targets.
340 60 70 5s
Harvester Sweeps with a scythe.
500 400 60 4s
Wheelbarrow Charges into enemies, throws apples and stabs with a pitchfork.
1000 1500 300 4s
Scarecrow Releases high damage, kamikaze crows.
1200 80 60 12s

|-| Medieval =

Name Description Picture Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Bard Distracts units.
2019-04-29 (1)
60 150 60 0.1s
Squire Swings or stabs with a sword.
100 130 80 2s
Archer Fires arrows.
140 40 90 2.7s
Healer Heals allies.
180 20 70 1s
Knight Charges, uses a sword and a shield.
EA Knight
650 350 90 1.5s
Catapult Launches explosive boulders.
1000 300 100 3s
King Attacks with a Zweihander sword
1500 1250 90 2.5s

|-| Ancient =

Name Description Picture Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Shield Bearer Smashes with Shield
20200812131502 1
100 60 80 2s
Sarissa Pokes Enemies
20200812131451 1
120 40 90 1s
Hoplite Fights with a shield and spear.

A Hoplite killing another Hoplite.

180 100 80 1s
Snake Archer Fires snakes which rapidly attack and damage enemies.

A group of Snake Archers taking down some Squires.

300 50 80 22s
Ballista Fires high damage bolts at long range.

A Ballista in the Simulation map.

900 500 150 12s
Minotaur Charges and punches rapidly. Can pick up dead enemies to bludgeon other enemies to death with.

A Minotaur 'choking' a Sarissa to death.

1600 1150 60 1.5s
Zeus Throws thunderbolts that bounce between enemies.

Zeus defeating a small army of Sarissa.

2000 300 70 3s

|-| Viking =

Name Description Picture Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Headbutter Launches itself into enemies.
EA Headbutter
90 50 100 3s
Ice Archer Fires arrows that freeze and slow enemies.


160 50 80 4s
Brawler Fights with an axe and shield.
EA Brawler


220 100 90 2s
Berserker Leaps forward and attacks with two axes.


250 100 90 0.5s
Valkyrie Flies. Attacks with with a dive-bomb, using two swords.


500 150 90 1s
Jarl Swings a giant axe.


850 800 70 4s
Longship Hurls boat onto enemies. The rowers fight at mid-range with their oars.
2019-04-19 (3)


1000 1400 90 1.5s

|-| Dynasty =

Name Description Picture Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Samurai Slices with a katana and deflects projectiles.
508440 20190510173007 1


140 250 90 1s
Firework Archer Shoots explosive arrows which propel enemy units away.


180 40 70 7s
Monk A tough unit that beats with a staff.


250 40 60 1s
Ninja Throws shurikens rapidly.


500 300 90 1s
Dragon A fire-breathing Chinese dragon puppet held up by 4 people, who will fight using fists if puppet is lost
Dragon festival


1000 1500 90 0.1s
Hwacha Fires a volley of arrows.


1500 100 200 14s
Monkey King Creates shadow clones, leaps forward, and beats with a staff.


2000 400 80 2s

|-| Renaissance =

Name Description Picture Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Painter Uses his paint brush and palette as weapons.
50  ?  ?
  • Brush: 1s
  • Palette: 10s
Fencer Pokes at opponents with his sabre. Can also dodge backwards as well.
150 70 80 2s
Balloon Archer Fires weapons that, upon contact with enemies, will release a balloon that will send opponents being lifted up and falling to the ground, giving them fall damage or death.
Balloon Archers
200  ?  ? 3s
Musketeer Fires super-fast bullets at opponents.
250 50 50 6s
Halberd Slices down enemies with his Halberd.
400 200 60 2s
Jouster Rides on his horse and attacks enemies with his lance and shield.
  • Rider: 160
  • Horse: ?
  • Lance: 1s
  • Shield: 2s
Da Vinci Tank Fires cannons while spinning around.
Da Vinci Tank
4000  ?  ?  ?

|-| Pirate =

Name Description Picture Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Flintlock A pirate who has 2 flintlocks that drops when shot.
2019-10-24 (1)


 ? 100  ? (Low)  ? (Medium)  ?
Blunderbuss A pirate wearing some barrel armor with a blunderbuss.


200  ?  ?  ?
Bomb Thrower A pirate who throws bombs.


250  ?  ?  ?
Harpooner A pirate who has a harpoon gun that drags his enemies and kicks them when near.


400  ? (Medium)  ? 3s
Cannon Artillery for the pirates shoots a ball that lands on the enemies' troops.
IMG 20191023 234421


1000  ?  ? 5s
Captain Pirate captain that uses a dragon pistol and a cutlass, and who can also kick.


1500  ? (High)  ? 2s for pistol, 1s for the sword
Pirate Queen The queen of the pirates who uses two cutlasses, can drop bombs and jump high in the air.


2500  ? (High)  ?  ?

|-| Spooky =

Name Description Picture Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Skeleton Warrior A skeleton armed with a sword and a shield, can scare the enemies when close enough.
Skeleton warrior
80  ?  ?  ?
Skeleton Archer A skeleton that fires flame arrows.
20191030182700 1
120  ?  ? 4s
Candlehead A unit who has a candle for a hat and throws magic balls that freeze and push the enemies.
200  ?  ?  ? (Fast)
Vampire A vampire who sucks on his enemies, turning them red. Can turn into a bat to reach distant enemies.
200  ?  ?  ?
Pumpkin Catapult A catapult made of bones that throw bouncing pumpkins.
20191030202332 1
1000  ?  ? 10s
Swordcaster A man whom hands are sealed off. Floats and uses telekinesis to throw his swords.
20191030183825 1
1000  ?  ? Infinite
Reaper Reaper who kills his enemies by using his scythe that deals splash damage, and who uses its tentacles to take out some units. Turns into a black hole when dead.
Unknown (3)
2500  ?  ? ~3s

|-| Western =

Name Description Picture Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Dynamite Thrower Throws dynamite, then goes melee and punches enemy units.
120  ?  ?  ?
Miner Swings a pickaxe at enemy units, causing an AOE explosion.
200  ?  ?  ?
Cactus Shoots spikes from it's cactus armor when hurt by an enemy unit and punches.
400  ?  ?  ?
Gunslinger Shoots bullets up into the air, causing them to rain down on enemy units.
650 ? ? ?
Lasso Rides a horse and throws a lasso at units, wrapping them up, then runs them over with it's horse.
Lasso men
850 ? ? ?
Deadeye Shoots quickly from a winchester at enemy units, and has very long range.
900  ?  ?  ?
Quickdraw Fires bullets from a revolver at enemy units and dodges attacks.
1200  ?  ?  ?

|-| Secret =

Name Description Picture Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Ballooneer Unit that stick to its target and fly into the sky with a balloon attached to itself.
90  ?  ?  ?
Bomb on a Stick Kamikaze unit that explodes its opponent and itself.
Bomb on a Stick
180  ? (Low)  ?  ? (Single Use)
Fan Bearer Blows opposing units away, does slight wind damage, and sometimes hits with fan.


200 200 60 2s
Raptor Dinosaur that charges the enemy.
200 300 (Approximately)  ? (Med-Fast) 200
The Teacher Waits for the opponent to attack, parries it, then strikes.


300 130 80 3.5s
Shouter Push away enemies with a shout.
250  ?  ?  ?
Jester It does a backflip to dodge attackers and retaliate with its blade shoes.


300 100 60 1.5s
Ball n' chain Leaps in with its ball and chain
Ball n&#039; chain
350 ? ? ?
Chu Ko Nu Armed with a repeating crossbow, shoots a volley of five bolts before slowly back away to reload.
Chu Ko Nu
350  ? 60 10s
Executioner Chops down on enemy units with its giant execution axe.


350 250 60 2s
Taekwondo Walks straight into the nearest enemy then kicks. It falls over, gets up, and kicks again.


400 100 80 2.5s
Raptor Rider A mounted raptor that charge the enemy.
Go Go Raptor Rider!
480 ? (Low) ?(Fast) 0.1s
Mace Spinner Spins around quickly with its two maces to deal damage.
Mace spinner


500 600 90 2.5s
CLAMS Throws clams, secondary small and weak units that attack the enemy.
500  ?  ?  ?
Cheerleader Cheers on fellow units, which boosts their attack speed.


500 0 80 0.5s
Cupid Shots a love arrow that makes units kiss.
The cupid
500 ? ? ?
Bank Robbers Throws a safe on units that does AOE
Bank Robber
850 ? ? ?
Vlad Uses his giant, sharp log to smack, pound, and send units flying.


1000  ? 80 2s
Wheelbarrow Dragon A wheelbarrow with a dragon eel in it that breathes fire.


1400 1500 300 0.1s
Bomb Cannon An artillery that shoot at the enemy explosive projectiles, dealing an Area of effect damage.
Bomb Cannon
1500  ?  ? (Fast) 6s
Cavalry A mounted knight that charge on the enemy.
Calvary Knight


1800  ? 120 1.5s
Gatling Gun Slowly charges up then will shoot quicker and quicker.
2000 ? ? Slow to fast
Lady Red Jade Armed with a Guandao, this duelist crush its opponents.
2000  ? (High)  ?  ?
Blackbeard A pirate captain, with anchors as arms, who charge the enemy.
2500  ?  ? (Fast)  ? (Fast)
Shogun Charges the enemy, attacks with a katana, dodges the enemies first attack, then hits again.

A shogun defeating Vlad The Impaler using his signature crotch attack.

2800  ? 120 1s
Samurai Giant Walks into the enemy side, does a flip, stomps, then hits with its katana.


3000 1500 90 3s
Sensei Gets close to the opponent then starts rapidly throwing ninja shurikens.


3000 1000 150 0.1s
Ullr Walks into range where he can attack, then starts throwing double sided axes that freeze units when they hit.


3000  ? 80 2.5s
Tree Giant Walks into the enemy side and starts attacking with its tree.


4000 2000 90 3s
Ice Giant Walks into the enemy side and punches the opponents with its giant, frosty fists.


6000 10000 90 4s
Artemis Quickly shoots volleys of arrows flying at the enemy units.


6500 500 90 0.1s

|-| Unreleased = These units are currently not available.

|-| Scrapped = These units were ideas for the full game but were scrapped.

Early Access
Tribal ClubberProtectorSpear ThrowerStonerBone MageChieftainMammoth
Farmers HalflingFarmerHaybalerPotionsellerHarvesterWheelbarrowScarecrow
Medieval BardSquireArcherHealerKnightCatapultKing
Ancient Shield BearerSarissaHopliteSnake ArcherBallistaMinotaurZeus
Vikings HeadbutterIce ArcherBerserkerBrawlerValkyrieJarlLongship
Dynasty SamuraiFirework ArcherMonkNinjaDragonHwachaMonkey King
Renaissance PainterFencerBalloon ArcherMusketeerHalberdJousterDa Vinci Tank
Pirate FlintlockBlunderbussBomb ThrowerHarpoonerCannonCaptainPirate Queen
Spooky Skeleton WarriorSkeleton ArcherCandleheadVampirePumpkin CatapultSwordcasterReaper
Wild West Dynamite ThrowerMinerGunslingerCactusLassoDeadeyeQuickdraw
Legacy PeasantBanner BearerPoacherBlow DartPikeBarrel RollerBoxerFlag BearerPharaohWizardChariotThorTankSuper BoxerDark PeasantSuper Peasant
??? Unknown Lightning Unit
Secret BalloonerBomb on a StickFan BearerRaptorTeacherShouterJesterBall n' chainChu Ko NuExecutionerTaekwondoCupidMace SpinnerRaptor RiderCLAMSCheerleaderBank RobbersVladWheelbarrow DragonBomb CannonCavalryGatling GunLady Red JadeBlackbeardShogunSamurai GiantSenseiUllrTree GiantIce GiantArtemis
Viking HeadbutterBrawlerSpearthrowerAxeman
Crusaders ThiefFootmanArcherCatapult
Greece SpearmanShieldChariotBallista
Asia TaekwondoSamuraiNinjaHwachaSamurai MasterNinja Master
Napoleon (Scrapped) MusketBarrelrollerCannon Crew
Neon (Scrapped) Energy PistolEnergy SwordTeslaGravity DudeProjectile ShieldBox GunEnergy Sword Master
Misc. (Scrapped) PeasantBarbarianFarmerBoxerChicken ManHillaryTrumpM16Super BoxerChicken Man ManSuper PeasantDark Peasant
Hazards Plague
N/A PeasantBoxerFarmerBarbarianPoacherSpearmanFootmanSamuraiShieldVikingArcherMusketChariotCannon CrewCatapultBallistaHwachaChicken ManChicken Man Man
Unconfirmed or Scrapped
Unconfirmed ButcherGreek PhilosopherWarhammerAncient TankRocket LauncherM16Flamethrower
Scrapped SpearunitGathererBanjoSkewer ThrowerSickleScytheThiefFlailPriestFlail MasterZweihander GiantFire ArcherMedusaBearAxe GrandmasterNunchucksSamurai GrandmasterKicking JinNapoleonic SwordsmanBayonet MusketNapoleonic Flag BearerClubMorning StarMaceChest ThrowerPirate GrenadierSpider MageWitch DoctorMustard GasCrossbow
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