Unit Creator is an upcoming feature in TABS that will let the player customize and create their own units for
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An example of the player making an icon

them to use in battle. They will be able to put them on the workshop page (supported by for other users to play with. It was supposed to be released in April 2020, but due to the pandemic it’s release has been postponed. The predicted release date is September 2020.

Catapult Giant

Catapult Giant

An example of a video showing the test unit button.

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An example of the player editing their basic stats.


An example of a player making a character.


So far, we have seen Wilhelm tweet out features including: clothes, weapons, eyes, props, combat moves, walk style, stats, voice & color.

Based on development videos, the unit editor allows for mounting, including having an Ice Giant seated on a horse. (The mounting system will not be in the first version of the unit editor.)

Units you make revive after the battle and can be used any number of times. Therefore, you don't have to recreate said unit/s after losing/unit dying.


Wilhelm, Landfall's CEO, posted a video on Twitter on September 11, 2018 titled "Stress testing my weird UI thing" The video shows a bunch of white squares connected to one another by a line. There is a horizontal line of 10 squares in the middle which are immovable. At least one of the immovable squares in the middle is always connected to the movable squares. In the replies, Wilhelm stated that this is for the editor, but he won't talk about it because this feature is confirmed. In November 7 2018 Wilhelm posted this tweet, showing off the UI of the unit editor. The health, attack and speed stats will be editable. (Proof)


  • It was rumored to be released April 8th 2019 along with Crossbow but that didn't happen.
  • When released there will be no mounting system implemented, but the mounting system will still come.

Unit Creator Teases


An example of the player editing their stats.

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Old and Unreleased Unit Creator

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