The Tribal Faction (Formerly known as the Stone Age) is a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


The Tribal Faction is a faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. It is based on a time in prehistory in which humans were cave dwellers and now extinct animals such as the mammoth appear. It is set ~100,000 - ~10,000 B.C. The Units appear as primitive humans and animals. (Clubber Mammoth etc.)It has two regular Tribal maps, as well as a much larger sandbox mode map.

It is the first faction introduced in the Campaign, and the first Faction the player has to use in TABS. 

It is an offensive faction, privileging crude damage to protection as every "human" Unit barely wear loincloths and bone as armor but wield quite powerful weapons. The high damage and low defense can be hard to use well tactically, but makes it very easy for beginners.   

Another strength of the Tribal Faction is the overall cheap cost. All the Units except for the Mammoth, cost 400 or less, so players can place down a lot of Tribal Units to swarm the map against lesser amounts of enemies that are stronger. However, this proves futile against crowd control units like the Catapult and Zeus who can easily decimate the army with their attacks because they have moves that hit multiple units.   

Tribal art by landfall

Tribal Art


  • Tribal 1 - The first regular map which is a clearing in an orange forest. This is where the Cheerleader is found.
  • Tribal 2 - A meadow in front of a mountain with a cave. Hidden in the cave a small prehistoric "shelter" with campfire and statues, and during the introduction Campaign, many units come out of there.
  • Tribal Sandbox - A rocky plain with plateaus scattered around and surrounding the map. The Raptor and the Raptor Rider can be found here.


Units Name Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Clubber Clubber 70 60 60 2
Protector Protector 80 50 70 1.5
Spearthrower0 Spear Thrower 120 50 60 8
Stoner-0 Stoner 160 50 70 10
Bonemage1 Bone Mage 300 50 70 9
Chieftain2 Chieftain 400 200 60 1
Mammoth Mammoth 2200 3000 100 4

Old Units



  • Unlike other Factions, you can play with the Tribal Faction two times in the Introduction campaign. (At the beginning of the Introductory Campaign and against the Farmer Faction.)
  • The Spear Thrower used to be in the Viking Faction, but it has since been put into this faction since the Ice Archer unit may have replaced it.
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