Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator - OUT NOW

Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator - OUT NOW


Look, there's a balloon zombie. RUN!

Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator (A.K.A TABZ) is a spin off game made by Landfall for April Fools Day 2017. It is a first person shooter similar to TABS using some units from TABS in the game. They said as an April Fools joke they were going to stop development on TABS and begin working on this new game. However, Landfall does not have any plans to develop TABZ any further and are going to continue developing TABS.

Even though Landfall stated they would cease development of TABZ, they have released a few updates, which added various structures. You can download and play TABZ here. There is another wiki for this game here, which was created by ExplosivesGalore.

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