This is the style guide for TABS wiki. Any edits that go against the style guide will be removed. For rules on what can or cannot go in an article, refer to the general rules.

  1. Please bold the FIRST mention of a name in an article. Example: The Fisher is a powerful unit. The Fisher (notice how the second mention is unbolded.) can pull units.
  2. Unit pages should have the following headers: Overview, Appearance, Usage and Trivia (plus Formation Bonus if applicable.) Faction pages should have Overview and Units (and Unreleased Units if applicable), as seen here. Map pages are excused to just have an Overview. Units or other game functions with a lack of explanation can be just "Overview".

The following is a list of the allowed categories. If you think this needs a change, contact one of the admins.

  • Release categories:
    • Pre-Alpha
    • Open Alpha
    • Closed Alpha
    • Early Access
    • Full Game (none yet)
    • Unreleased
      • delete this category from the page with released
      • "Unreleased" as well as the type (i.e. Unit, Faction, Map) should be the only categories
  • Type categories:
    • Unit
    • Faction
    • Style (for how to style pages; currently only two pages should have this category)
    • Map
  • The faction the unit is in (i.e. Misc.)
    • if the faction is outdated, add (Old) to the end of it (eg. Greece (Old))

In progress is a overview of what each page should look like.

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