To keep order on this wiki, there are some rules. Failure to comply by these rules may lead to banning from the wiki, whether temporary or permanent. Editing rules (the style guide) are here (please follow these when editing pages to keep the wiki as easy to navigate as possible).

  1. No inappropriate language, but using it in small amounts with censoring from asterisks (*) is allowed.
  2. Please keep articles in English only, however, blog posts, messages and comments can be in other languages, providing the reader is fluent in the language, or has a sufficient translation device (eg. Google Translate).
  3. Do not insert false or unconfirmed information. If you are unsure, please contact out staff.
  4. Please do not cause trouble in the comments or blog posts, e.g.
    1. Creating a flamewar over any topic.
    2. Offending a person or group of people
    3. TL;DR: If you think something could be offensive, don't post it.

Rules when it comes to editing pages:

  1. Do not troll pages, such as creating pages like "eueywuwuejs" or replacing an entire page with obviously false information/spamming (e.g. the Bee Movie)
  2. All grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. must be good. We do not tolerate bad English. We know this sounds harsh, but it is required to keep the wiki in good shape. We don't expect English professor level or writing, but use your capitals, punctuation, etc.
  3. Please do NOT state your opinion in a post. This is bannable.
  4. Pages must be reasonable. Banned pages include, memes, concept art and spam. This can go in the Conceptions Wiki.

Rules Outside of Editing

  1. When Admins are having a conversation, do not intrude. This can lead to a warning or ban.
  2. Don't Come to the wiki just to comment. It can sometimes be annoying to other users.
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