Note: We are currently Maxed Out on staff. If you ask, you will be rejected.

This page is describing what requirements are needed for one of our various Bureaucrats to promote you. The list of current staff is shown here. If you meet these requirements, please contact a Bureaucrat. Note: Even if you meet these requirements, you may still be rejected; a Bureaucrat's word is final.

There are no more bureaucrat positions left, or any admin positions, so please, do not ask to be promoted. This is non-negotiable. Disciplinary actions will be enacted if there are any issues regarding this.

Discussions Moderator/Rollback

To become a Discussion Mod or Rollback, you must have at least around 200-400 edits and demonstrate the capability to deal with any vandalism or disputes that occur here. The same requirements hold for Discussions Moderator.

Content Moderator

Becoming a Content Moderator is simple. Just meet the requirements of being a Discussions Moderator, show considerable experience in organizing or editing pages (e.g. helping categorize pages, dealing with large-scale vandalism, or knowing wikitext and not just the VisualEditor), and up your edit count to 600. Your job will be to report any vandalizing to an Administrator, delete spam pages, and manage protected pages (like the main page).


Becoming an Administrator requires at least 1000 edits. You also need to gain trust with the majority of the Bureaucrats. The job of an Administrator is to help run and manage the wiki, as well as fend off vandals.

To be an Admin, ask a Bureaucrat

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