The Spooky Faction is a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


The Spooky Faction is based on Halloween, and this Faction sacrifices some damage and a lot of health in order to inflict very strong status conditions on enemy units.

Although, there are currently no Secret Units for the Faction.
CaringVerifiableBrontosaurus-mobile 1

An example of a gif of the spooky faction with the scrapped skeleton pirate.


Spooky 1 - A remake of Medieval 1 map, to follow a Halloween thematic. There are no leaves on any of the trees and there is a small cemetery on the default red side.

Spooky 2 - A remake of Dynasty map, to follow a Halloween thematic. Note that the gazebo and hole in the centre of the map were removed. A grid was placed there instead. There are also vines separating part of each side into three small parts.


Units Name Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Skeleton warrior Skeleton Warrior 80 50 ? 1.5 (Sword), 3 (Shield), 1 (Fear-Inducement)
Tabs wiki skeleton
Skeleton Archer 180 50 ? 5
Candleboi Candlehead 200 50 ? 2
Vampire 200 200 ? 5 (Grab), 1.5 (Transform)
20191030202332 1 Pumpkin Catapult 1000 300 (Catapult), 25 (Skeleton) ? 10
20191030183825 1 Swordcaster 1000 200 ?
7reaper Reaper 2500 1000 ? 2

Old units

  • Spider Mage - Scrapped.
  • Witch Doctor - Scrapped.
  • Skeleton Pirate -Scrapped.
  • Ghost - Scrapped.
  • Unknown pyramid head unit - Scrapped.
  • Unknown Slime unit - Scrapped.
    CaringVerifiableBrontosaurus-mobile restored

    An example of a still image of the spooky faction.


  • The Three Kings level in the Campaign might be a reference to a well-known ritual game also named "Three Kings".
  • This Faction only came a week after the Pirate Faction.
  • This Faction came so quickly because the maps basically are remakes of other Maps.
  • It was originally going to be a group of Secret Units.
  • This is the one of the only factions to have no secret Units whatsoever. (The other being Legacy)
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