The Secret faction is a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, from where all secret (unlockable) Units belong to.


The Secret faction, as the name implies, is made up completely of secret units that are hidden. You can unlock these units by finding relevant items on the map and looking at the weapon for about 5 seconds in free-cam mode or during a battle.

This faction seems to be a dump for extra units when there were more than 7 units assigned to a faction or a place to put Easter egg units. (Because it has 31 units!) Even though this is most likely its own faction, all of the units here would be able to fit in the other factions (Like the Jester in the medieval faction or the Ballooner in the Renaissance faction). The units are either too powerful such as the Ice Giant and Artemis units, or are silly fun units that are not very effective in battle, like the Shouter or the Fan Bearer, to be considered part of the main factions.

Units Name Found in Cost Health Attack Speed
Ballooner Ballooner Renaissance 90 100 2 (Punch), 3.5 (Lunge)
Bomb Bomb on a Stick Pirate 150 150 1s
Fanbearer Fan Bearer Ancient Sandbox 200 40 0.5s
Raptor Raptor Tribal Sandbox 200 150 2s
Teacher The Teacher Ancient 2 200 130 3.5 (Sword), 0.5 (Dodge/Parry)
The Shouter - Secret Viking unit Shouter Viking 250 100 1.5 (Punch), 4.5 (Shout)
Jester2 Jester Medieval 1 300 25 2.5 (Stab), 1.5 (Backflip)
Ball n' chain Ball n' chain Wild West 350 300 2 (Ball), 5 (Lunge)
Chu Ko Nu Chu Ko Nu Ancient Sandbox 350 80 11.5s
Chop Executioner Medieval 1 350 300 1.5s
Taekwondo Taekwondo Dynasty 400 150 1.5s (Slap), 2 (Kick)
Go Go Raptor Rider! Raptor Rider Tribal Sandbox 480 250 1.5 (Spear), 2.5 (Shield)
Mace spinner Mace Spinner Medieval 2 500 600 0.5s
Cheerleaders Cheerleader Tribal 1 500 5 0.5s
Efda2c38ce669311421313b389ff3561c98f48b3 Cupid Ancient Sandbox 500 150 2s
CLAMS Pirate 500 50 (CLAMS), 30 (Clam) 12s (CLAMS), 1s (Clams)
Bank Robber Bank Robbers Wild West 850 350 (Safe), 22.5 (Front Robber), 27.5 (Back Robber) 1.5s
Vlad Vlad Medieval 2 1000 900 1
Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow Dragon Farmer 1 1400 1500 (Wheelbarrow Dragon), 204 (Driver) 1
Bomb cannon Bomb Cannon Pirate 1500 500 6
Cavalry Medieval 2 1800 850 (Horse), 195 (Knight) 2 (Shield), 1 (Spear), 4 (Charge)
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 26 05 2020 22 35 58 Gatling Gun Wild West 2000 500 (Gatling Gun), 40 (Operator) 1.5 (Gradually becomes faster)
A Lady Red Jade
Lady Red Jade Dynasty 2000 1000 1.5 (Guandao), 8 (Kick)
Blackbeard Blackbeard Pirate 2500 3000 3 (Anchor), 5 (Lunge)
Shogun Shogun Dynasty 2800 500 1 (Katana and Dodge)
Samuraigiant Samurai Giant Dynasty 3000 1500 3 (Katana), 2 (Backflip)
Sensei Sensei Dynasty (Map) 3000 100 0.1s (Shuriken), 2 (Dodge)
Units of Viking Ullr Ullr Viking Sandbox 3000 450 3
Treegiant Tree Giant Medieval 1 4000 2000 2
Icegiant Ice Giant Viking 1 6000 10000 5
An Artemis
Artemis Ancient 1 6500 500 0.1s

Upcoming Units



  • As it is a special faction that hosts every unit that is found on maps and couldn't fit in the other ones, or are one too many for the faction they could belong to, it doesn't have it's own theme.
  • For the same reason, it doesn't respect the 7 units per faction rule, having 31 units in total, and still counting.
  • Most units in this faction are either really good or really bad, really goods units are so expensive that they can't be used in most campaign levels, and the really bad units are often only good for sandbox mode.
  • All units can be used in the campaigns (cannot be used in the challenge, the adventure, pirate, renaissance, and spooky campaign but, the introduction and dynasty campaigns do limit which units you can use, however, this can be turned off in the settings menu), the most money you will get in a campaign is 11000 which is more than the most expensive secret unit.
  • There are no Spooky secret units.
  • The Renaissance campaign uses secret units as enemies, namely Ballooners, Cavalry, Shogun and Chu Ko Nu.
  • The wild west campaign is one of the only campaigns that use secret units, and this campaign uses them in big numbers. The secret units are Ball n' chain, Bank Robbers, Gatling gun, Raptors, Raptor Riders, Executioners, Jesters, Cavalry, Shouters, Ullr, Chu Ko Nu, Taekwondo, Shogun, Samurai Giant, Ballooners, Blackbeard, Bomb on a Stick, and Bomb Cannons.
  • The only campaigns where you can use all secret units is the simulation campaign, the adventure, and the challenge.
  • The secret units are all unlocked by hovering over something in the map, and then unlocking it. The bank robbers are the only unit that breaks this rule.
  • The way you unlock bank robbers is special because you have to break the wall at the back of the bank on the western map then you can find the bank robbers there.
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