The Renaissance Faction is a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


The Renaissance Faction represents the 14th to 17th Centuries (Times being about 1300 – 1600), with many differences to regular factions. It was added in Update 0.5.0 and had two Secret Units. Renaissance is rated as one of the most powerful factions in TABS, being the first Faction with a tank.

It is a Faction mixing offense and defense, at the expense of speed. The Units are fairly armored, and many of the Units can do high damage. It also holds the second cheapest swarming Unit of the game, the Painter. This Faction also has the first tank-like unit, the Da Vinci Tank, which was added along with this Faction, and is one of the most costly and powerful Units in TABS.



Units Name Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Painter Painter 50 100 60 1 (Brush), 10 (Palette)
Fencer Fencer 150 70 80 2 (Rapier), 0.5 (Step back)
Balloon Archers Balloon Archer 200 80 70 3
Musketmen Musketeer 250 80 50 12
Halberd Halberd 400 300 60 2
Jouster Jouster 1000 160 (Rider), 605 (Horse) Fast 1 (Lance), 2 (Shield)
Da Vinci Tank Da Vinci Tank 4000 5000 (Tank), 250 (Da Vinci) Slow ?

Old Units

Mentioned Units

  • Trebuchet.


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