The Pre-Alpha was the first semi-public version of TABS. It is very outdated. However, you can get it for free here. Do note that only the 2.00 Version can be downloaded.

You could have also got the Pre-Alpha as a pre-order bonus for the game Clustertruck, another Landfall game.


There was only one map: A large field with hills and a church along with a graveyard until the 0.2.0 update, when it was removed and replaced with 4 new maps: hills, desert, winter, and Japan.

Battle Planner

Grid placement

The battle planner was a simple grid, unlike the current battle planner, which is a top-down of what the battle will look like. It also didn't say what you were up against in the campaign and you couldn't see until you tried the level (In the 0.2.0 update it told you but didn't show you where the enemies would be). The old battle planner was disliked and ineffective, and thus was updated. To fill the grid, you would need 3600 units at the maximum. It is possible to place units outside the grid, but it is very hard.

Original Units


  • The Peasant was originally called the Peasent (Spelled incorrectly, but was fixed in V2.0).
  • The Chicken Man was originally called the Petter. This was changed rather quickly.
  • The Muskets have a weird bug where they shoot insanely fast. They can kill any unit, but the have a hard time killing the chariots. Do note that they can have the same bug as before.
  • On occasion, units had a chance of spawning in dead. This was since fixed.
  • In the distance in maps of alpha 0.1.06, you can see the airship with the inscription "BadWeek".
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