The Pirate faction is a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


The Pirate Faction is based on the Golden Age of Piracy, which lasted from the mid-17th century to the mid-18th century.

The Faction consists of units that trade health for sheer, raw offensive power. Some units in this faction are very powerful and can take on quite a lot of enemy units by themselves, while others are weaker, but very powerful when positioned tactically. Pirate units are very good at taking out large hordes of weak units.



Units Name Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 27 05 2020 17 14 41 Flintlock 100 50 ? 2
Blunderbus Blunderbuss 200 200 ? 7
A3c48ddecb29518ffea128480a89ebd8 Bomb Thrower 250 90 50 10
Harpooner Harpooner 400 195 ? 3
IMG 20191023 234421 Cannon 1000 500 (Cannon), 40 (Operator) ? 5
F9241c6784348467783972dd49528c00 Captain 1500 810 100 2 (Dragon Pistol), 1 (Cutlass)
73ecb83919f6f319af60c2388887589a Pirate Queen 2500 2100 ? 1.5 (Swords), 7 (Bombs)

Old units



  • The Pirate Faction was the first faction teased after the open alpha, however, the movie Star Wars: Rogue One came out after the pirate faction video. Landfall then started working on the Neon Faction and the Pirate units did not make it into the closed alpha.
  • The Pirates are the only faction to lack a melee unit , except for the Pirate Queen.
  • Pirates have the only map that has shallow water/non drowning water.
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