• Energy Sword unit
  • Energy pistol unit
  • Tesla unit
  • Gravity dude unit
  • Box gun unit
  • Energy sword master unit
  • Beamer unit
  • Projectile shield unit
The Neon Faction was an available Faction in the game a long time ago, that being it only appeared on the Closed Alpha. The Neon Faction cannot be used in sandbox mode until all five of the Neon levels are completed in the campaign; this is because of how powerful this faction is. The Neon faction make up levels 21 - 25 of the campaign in the Closed Alpha. To unlock the Neon Faction, you have to first fight against them. The Neon faction units are generally considered the most powerful faction (besides some of the units in the Misc. Faction) for its cost to effectiveness ratio.


The Neon Faction has its own Map which appears as a semi-flat map with five large pillars, one in the center, one in the back, and three on the bottom right part of the map. The map is mainly colored as purple. It also has small pillars on the edges of the map. In the left part of the map, there appear to be four large tubes near the edge and on the right side, there's only one tube. Sometimes, the large pillar in the back shoots some kind of Neon Cube which passes through the hole of the pillar in the center. The cubes can do multiple things like explode, and change gravity which can affect the outcome of the battle. The map also has three layers to which units can be placed in, but the 3rd layer is somewhat difficult to place on. This means there can be about three battles going on at once.


Name Cost Health Speed Attack Speed Image
Energy Pistol 60 60 60 3s
Energy pistol
Energy Sword 80 600 100 0.5s
Energy sword
Tesla 300 200 100 0.8s
Gravity Dude 400 3500 200 0.5s
Beamer 500 50 50 8s
TABS Beamer
Projectile Shield 500 500 500 0.3s
Projectile shield
Box Gun 700 500 300 4s
Energy Sword Master 800 6000 100 0.5s


  • The Neon's Faction name is a reference to their glowing equipment, resembling neon lighting.
  • It is possible that Landfall had took some inspiration by some sci-fi or fantasy movies for creating the units such as the Lightsaber (Star Wars).
  • This is the only removed faction with a map.
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