The Napoleonic Faction was a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Hailing from the early 19th century in the First French Empire and Napoleonic Wars (1795-1815), these Units are based off of Napoleon Bonaparte's French Imperial Army. Following the thematic, most units wear the characteristic french shako decorated with a tricolored cocard.

Image of standard Napoleonic uniform.

It was and would have been if it was released a very range-heavy faction, focusing on the Musket as its principal unit. It also features melee units such as Swordsmen and Bayonets, and is capable of buffing charges with the Flag Bearer. It can deal with heavy enemy mobs via Barrelrollers' flames, and the Cannoncrew is one of the most cost effective siege units in the game.

According to Wilhelm Nylund (the CEO of Landfall), this faction was split into the renaissance and pirate factions.

This is the only faction that is unknown to have any outfits or weapons in the unit creator.
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Painting Of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Former Units

Scrapped Units

  • Bayonet Musket - Was planned to be added before the faction got split. After that he was planned to be added in the World War faction as Bayonets were used for WWI but the World War faction got scrapped. As weapons will be in unit creator Bayonets might be in the unit creator so this unit was technically scrapped.
  • Napoleonic Swordsman - Was planned to be added before the faction got split. After that he was planned to be in the Pirate faction and renamed as Cutlass he after that got scrapped and reused for one of the Bomb Cannon operators.
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