Miscellaneous was a Faction in the Alphas whose Units are those that simply do not fit into others; It comprised of many of the "super" and "joke" Units in the Open Alpha. (Such as the Dark Peasant and Trump) Basic units like the Peasant or Farmer who lacked factions at the time were also placed in the Miscellaneous faction. This Faction was converted into the Secret Faction. Some of the Units are now in the Legacy Faction.

Unit Name Cost Heath Speed Attack Speed Damage
Peasant Peasant (Now in Legacy Faction) 10 50 60 0.8s 96
TABS_Farmer.png Farmer (Moved to Farmer) 30 50 60 0.5s ??
Barbarian.png Barbarian (Moved to Tribal and renamed Clubber) 30 100 60 1s ??
TABS Boxer Boxer (Now in Legacy) 40 150 60 0.5s 130
Chicken man Chicken Man (Now replaced by CLAMS) 1000 500 60 80 0 (it poops chickens so no damage)
Hillary (Now Scrapped) 2000 5000 150 0.1s 720
Trump (Now Scrapped) 2000 5000 150 0.1s 720
Hqdefault (1) M16 (In development/


3000 100 60 0.1s 320
TABS Super Boxer Super Boxer (Now in Legacy) 3000 10000 1000 0.2s 2800
3f12c5b16849c02a28032817c540b512 Chicken Man Man (Now Scrapped) 4000 40000 500 0.5s 0 (it poops chicken men so no damage)
TABS Super Peasant Super Peasant (Now in Legacy) 10000 10000 102.44 0.01s 200
TABS New Dark Peasant Dark Peasant (Now in Legacy) 20000 100000 300 0.1s 3000
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