The Medieval Faction is a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


The Medieval Faction (originally known as The Crusaders) is the stereotypical medieval and crusader Unit, such as the swordsmen, the archers and also the knights, as well as simple artillery units including the catapult.

Although they do offer some unique Units, such as the Bard, which is the first distraction Unit in the game, they also have a healing Unit, the Healer, the first Unit to heal others, and a very early example of a support unit. They mostly have bland melee units that fight with swords.

They are balanced, but most of the units are considered melee(the ones that aren’t are healer, Bard, archer, and catapult). This faction offers the most cost-effective basic infantry in the game, the Squire. The faction's name was changed from "Crusaders" to "Medieval" due to the faction being based mostly on medieval warfare (5th century to-early 15th century) instead of the crusaders, who came along in later years.


  • Medieval 1 - Two high grassy plateaus linked together by a kind of natural bridge. The plateaus emerge from water, the first plateau is half-covered by forest and the second has ruins, barrels and few trees. The Tree Giant, the Jester, and the Executioner are all found here.
  • Medieval 2 - A plain with a path laid in front of a castle. The place is partially covered by forest and some houses are scattered in some places. Vlad, the Cavalry and the Mace Spinner are all found here.


Units Name Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
2019-04-29 (1) Bard 60 150 60 2
Squire Squire 100 130 80 2
Archer-0 Archer 140 40 90 8
Priest Healer 180 20 80 1.5
Knight Knight 790 420 70 2 (Shield), 1.5 (Gladius), 4 (Charge)
Catapult1v1 Catapult 1000 300 (Catapult), 25 (Operator) 100 10
Theking The King 1500 1540 70 2

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