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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator features multiple maps where the battles between Red and Blue take place. This page describes and details them. Different maps have different terrains, changing strategy and gameplay. Landfall has stated that there will be around 20 maps in the full release, with at least two variants of each map. Currently, there are 39 maps.

Simulation Maps

Simulation maps are simple, untextured maps that have no theme but have very unique geography. Many of them present unique challenges, especially on terrain that favors one side over the other.

Simulation : This map is just a white grid, with no terrain that the developers use in showcase videos. It's a map to presumably to test battles without distractions from trees, ice, etc...

Bridge : This map is a bridge.

Bridge With Rails : This map is a bridge with rails to prevent units from falling off, although units still can fall off.


Maze : This map has pillars separating the blue and red teams.

Hill : This map has an incline in the center that units walk up.

Port : A Bridge that goes over a flat floor that has side-extensions.

Holes : This map has holes that can get in the way of a battle.

Corridor : This map has a kind-of-thin pathway where units walk.

Broken Bridge : This map has a bridge with a gap, but below the broken bridge is a detour to the other side.

King Of The Hill : This map has a center area with four pathways that lead in opposite directions.

Defend The Castle : On the right of the map, you can see a "castle" that units can defend. There are three paths that lead up to the "castle".

Castle With Archer Towers : On the far right you can see a base, that units can defend. The base has archer towers that ranged units can use. On the far left, there are two pathways that units walk to get to the base.

Final Destination : Final destination is a line that units stand on and fight each other on.

Defend The Tower : A large Castle with many levels and rooms, there are archer Stations and a hole in the front wall and a smaller tower behind for extra units.

Spire : A Giant tower with a spiral path around it.

Lines : This map has 4 thin pathways that units walk down.

High Ground : Is a Hill on the (normally) blue side of the map.

Moat : This map appears to have a small bridge with a walking area below it. To the left, there is a surface that units can use to get to the bridge, and on the right, there is a base-like structure that has an area for archers.

Arena : A Round Roofless room with four floors and rooms.

Low Ground : A map with the middle area being a dip.

Tiered Castle : A Multi-Level Tower in the middle of the map.

Double Battle : Two plates on each side and one in the center that are all connected with Bridges.

(Coming Soon) Customizable Map : A map that can be randomized/customized with different terrain.

Themed Maps

Each faction apart from the Secret faction has at least one map. Instead, secret units are unlocked by finding them within each of the themed maps.


Tribal 1: This is also a map for the Tribal Faction. Like its counterpart, this map has long orange grass and round orange trees. However, it also has large square mountains surrounding it. It also has a temple with skulls in the back (Probably a reference to Kong: Skull Island).

Tribal 2: This map has the same orange trees but has a large mountain on the blue side of the map. There is a cave inside the mountain where units can be placed, albeit with some difficulty.
Stone age map

Tribal Sandbox: This is the sandbox map for the Tribal Faction. It is a large map with longer, orange grass and birch trees with orange leaves. It is fairly open with some scattered rocks and spears sticking out of the ground. The lighting on the map is also very unique. This map seems to be also fairly large.


Farmer 1: This is the map for the Farmer Faction. It is a medium-sized map which features buildings, a bridge in the middle and garden. It has a few scarecrows in the area as well. The buildings may be a good place to place ranged troops.

Farmer 2: This map has a wide expanse of square fields. Wheatfields on the right side can hide units such as Halflings, and Haybalers can blend in with the static haybales. Units can also hide behind the stone fence near the top of the map.
Castle map

The old look for medieval 2.


Medieval 1: This map is a large island over a body of water. The main areas are a forest on the left, with ruins on the right, connected by a narrow bridge in the middle. Beneath the bridge is a hidden ledge that can be reached from the left side.

Medieval 2: A large green field set against a massive castle, and a large pond in the foreground. There are no real strategic features to this map, other than perhaps some obstacles for units to get stuck behind on the edges.


Ancient 1: The map is a small rectangular town with tight alleyways and at the ends of the map a big open area. There are two lanes in this map that are separated by buildings. In the middle of the map, it opens up as the top part has a giant statue with water surrounding its sides. Each side has rooftops in which ranged units can safely fire from a distance. This is also a good sudden death map, as the structure that connects the two lanes of the map is an arch that you can place units in a single file line. The fall from this arch will usually kill weaker units.

Ancient 2: This is a round, enclosed map with a large city towards the top of the map. The map is functionally just a large walled-in field with no other strategic features.

Ancient Sandbox: This map is one of the largest maps available, it is a large island surrounded by small buildings on the edges. Towards the middle, there is a spiral mountain that is fairly inaccessible to units.


Viking 1:This is a map for the Viking Faction. It is a large map with a giant frozen lake in the middle used as a battlefield and the map also has snowy trees covering the sides of the map.

Viking Sandbox: It's similar to Viking 1, but it's surrounded by a giant wall of ice rather than trees, and a giant gate completely blocks units from falling off the map.



An example of an unreleased map shown in a tweet.

Dynasty: A large square map with three major lanes: the top lane passes underneath a large pagoda. The bottom lane crosses a bridge. The middle lane features a square courtyard with a bottomless pit in the very center that units can fall into. All three lanes are separated by water hazards, and can be crossed in the middle and on the ends.


Renaissance: A large rectangular map set in a Venetian city, with a canal in the foreground and several balconies on the surrounding buildings.


Pirate: An island with 2 pirate ships parked on either side of it, each with a gangplank leading to a beach in the middle of the map. In the background, you can see a mountain with a waterfall.


Spooky 1: A modified version of Medieval 1 that's at night, with pumpkins, leaf-less trees, and the water below is replaced with fog.

Spooky 2: A modified version of Dynasty that's at night, rotated 180o, no longer has the kinkaku-ji structure, has huge thorns blocking some pathways, and the water is replaced with fog. In addition, the "hole" in the center of the Dynasty map has been closed by caging.


Western: The western map appears to be a stereotypical western town with a saloon, hardware, and other miscellaneous buildings. It also has four streets for units to battle on. Many cacti surround the edges of the map. At the very right there seems to be a giant rock-like tower that looks over the town, and at the left the seems to be an entrance sign. It is the only map with an orange sky. It has rough terrain, and is one of the only main maps not to have layers.


Legacy: A revamped version of the Classic map. The legacy map appears as a big plains area surrounded by trees. The map also has a church with gravestones. Each side has tents. There also is a broken building. Far from the battlefield is a river and mountains. This map sets units on one half of a huge valley surrounded by mountains. On one side of the flat map are the mountains, on the other the graveyard and church. Beyond the church and tents lie hundreds of small pine trees, maybe twice a unit's height, and a plain.

The Pre-Alpha Map

Classic: This map used in the first two of the three Pre-Alphas. It was infamous for the graveyard and church in which units could get stuck on, and its infinite size.

This map sets units on one half of a huge valley surrounded by mountains. Units were known after the initial battle was over to run to the mountains. On one side of the flat map are the mountains, on the other the graveyard and church. Behind each army are tents, but they are the wrong colors. (The red tents are on the blue side, and the blue tents are on the red side.) Beyond the church and tents lie hundreds of small pine trees, maybe twice a unit's height, and a plain.

Alpha Maps

Scotland: The first map in the game. It is a mostly grassy flat area, with a few rocks of varying sizes and some trees scattered around. In the Closed Alpha, this map has stacks of hay lying around on the sides. The first 5 levels of the campaign take place in this map. It uses the standard battle theme used in the previous versions. In the Open Alpha, it was very very large.

Sahara: Unlike Scotland, this map has no vegetation of any kind. It's just sand and rocks. The map also features more rough terrain. In the Closed Alpha, it has a large pyramid, with broken pillars. As the name suggests, this map is based off the Sahara desert in Africa. This map appears in levels 6-10 of the campaign. If a unit falls in the hole at the top of the pyramid, they will die and release a swarm of locusts. They will go around the map and kill every unit one by one. Multiple locust swarms can exist at once.

Denmark: The third map in the game. It has white, snowy ground and lots of rocks and ice. This map takes up levels 11-15 of the campaign. Like the Sahara, it has no flora. On the right side of the map there are rocks on which you can place units. This also has huge ice pieces that units can walk into but they die after a short time.

Japan: The fourth map in the Open Alpha. It has trees with pink leaves (sakura trees), lots of rocks and a small pond in the top-right corner. (As of Open-Alpha, in the pre-alpha, it had a river in the middle)) In the Closed Alpha, it is covered in snow and has a small valley in the middle and a bridge allowing troops to cross. It takes up levels 16-20.

Closed Alpha Map

Neon: The Neon Faction has its own map which appears as a semi-flat map with five large pillars, one in the center, one in the back, and three on the bottom right part of the map. The map is mainly colored as purple. It also has small pillars on the edges of the map. In the left part of the map, there appears to be four large tubes near the edge and on the right side, there's only one tube. Sometimes, the large pillar in the back shoots some kind of Neon Cube which passes through the hole of the pillar in the center. The cubes can do multiple things like explode, and change gravity which affects the outcome of the battle. The map also has three layers to which units can be placed in, but the 3rd layer is somewhat difficult. Unlike most of the other maps, it has a grey background/sky.


  • According to Landfall Games, the full game will have many maps, with possibly over 40 maps.
  • Each map has its own battle theme.
  • In the jump between the Pre-Alpha and Alpha, Japan was the only map that hadn't had its name changed.
  • Scotland, Sahara, and Denmark each used to have different names (Scotland was Hills, Sahara was Desert, Denmark was Winter).
  • In the Closed Alpha, every map (except Neon) is named after a country/region.
  • Landfall has said that each Faction will have their own unique map.
  • Around 2019 Halloween and the release of the Spooky faction, pumpkins have appeared in several of the maps.
  • Most of the Factions that were released after the first Early Access build have only one map, as it would take much longer if each faction had two (Or three) maps. The only one that does not fit this rule is the Spooky Faction, as both of their maps are "Spookified" versions of other maps.
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