Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Legacy Faction Trailer

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Legacy Faction Trailer

The Legacy Faction is a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator


The Legacy faction contains many Units that previously only existed in the Alpha versions of TABS, as well as a few early in-development units that never appeared in previous releases. From the strongest Units to one use weapons, the Legacy Faction has a wide variety of units.

It's very similar to the Secret Faction, as you have to unlock the units to unlock the faction and campaign. The weakest and oldest Unit, the Peasant, is unlocked by default. You must find all the remaining Legacy units to unlock the faction and campaign. There are a total of 16 unit in this faction. You unlock one by default (namely the Peasant) and the 15 other units you must find on the Legacy map like the Secret Units.


Units Name Cost Health Attack Speed
20200902090509 1
Peasant 30 25 1.5
Screenshot 2020-07-24 at 9.14.22 AM
Banner Bearer 100 ?(Low) 6s (Banner Hit), 5s (Ability)
20200825103904 1
Poacher 120 ?(Low) 2s
Blowdarter 220 ?(Low) 2s
20200827112957 1
Pike 300 ? 2s (Pike (if it misses) and slaps)
20200825103943 1
Barrel Roller 350 100 0.5s
The Boxer
Boxer 450 ?(High) 1s
Screenshot 20200727-180516 Twitter
Flag Bearer 500 ?(Low) 6s (Flag Hit), 5s (Ability)
20200829151144 1
Pharaoh 750 ?(Low) 2s (Weapons), 5s (Kneel Ability)
20200825103755 1
Wizard 1200 600 1s (Sword), 4s (Lightning)
20200825103725 1
Chariot 1850 ? 1.5s (Sword), 2s (Shield)
Thor 2200 ? 2s (Mjolnir), 10s (Lightning Strike)
M1 Abrams-0
Tank 6000 ? 5s
20200825103654 1
Super Boxer 100,000 ?(Less than the Ice Giant) 0.1s
20200825082249 1
Dark Peasant 9,999,999 ?(Extremely High, Higher than the Super Peasant) 10s
20200825103559 1
Super Peasant 9,999,999 ?(Extemely High) 0.1s



  • This Faction is similar to the Secret faction in that it has more than seven units.
  • The player doesn't have to unlock the peasant.
  • This is the only secret faction with a map.
  • Thor's lightning strikes surrounding his hammer before you unlock it deals damage.
  • This is the one of the only factions to have no secret Units whatsoever. (The other being Spooky)
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