The Farmer Faction is a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


The Farmer Faction is a released faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. In older builds, the Farmer was the only Unit with a farm aesthetic/design with it, and for a while, didn't have it's own faction to be categorized in.

It consists of several units focused around medieval agriculture, like scarecrows, pitchforks, along with lesser townsmen like the apothecary(Potion Seller).

Sadly, five of the units that were supposed to make it into the Full Release of the game, either were scrapped (Sickle, Butcher) or moved into other factions (Bard, Wizard, Spear Thrower(Replacement of the Skewer Thrower)).

This Faction is generally potent in offense and fair in defense, as the Harvester serves as a formidable heavy infantry unit, and Potion sellers as support, while the Hay balers serve as defense, protecting them from non-AOE and Non-Status Effect projectiles.


  • Farmer 1 - A small medieval village with a smaller field to the side, a stream passes through the middle, and a bridge in the center to act as a way to the other side. The Wheelbarrow Dragon can be found here under a bush.
  • Farmer 2 - Large fields with hay bales and wheat and a hill on the extremity. Some houses can also be found around.


Units Name Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Halflings Halfling 50 70 60 3(Grab), 8(Leap)
67172760cdc5ba5a10059b88a0366c42 Farmer 80 60 60 2
Haybaler Haybaler 140 80 70 1
Potionsellers Potionseller 340 60 70 7
Harvester Harvester 500 400 60 3
Wheelbarrows Wheelbarrow 1000 1500 (Wheelbarrow), 70 (Apple Thrower), 150 (Farmer), 204 (Driver) 300 2 (Apple Thrower and Farmer), 1.5 (Driver)
Scarecrow Scarecrow 1200 80 (Scarecrow), 50 (Crow) 18 (Summon), 1 (Crow)

Old Units




  • This is the second faction that the player encounters in the game, right after the Tribal Faction.
  • This faction has 5 units that are not present in them, however, Banjo made it as a Bard and moved to the Medieval Faction.
  • In the early versions and on reveals, almost every unit on the Farmer Faction was wearing a Straw hat, but now the only unit wearing it is the Harvester unit.
  • This faction is the only one that doesn't have a "dedicated" secret unit (Wheelbarrow Dragon being 50/50 with the Dynasty and Tree Giant probably being associated with Medieval faction).
  • It contains one of the few units in the game that cause enemies to get some sort of effect, this unit being the Potionseller.
  • The houses on this map can be found in the northern forest on Medieval 2
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