Easter Eggs are hidden secrets in video games. Sometimes they do things, sometimes they're just there for humor. Here is a list of the Easter Eggs in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


Here is a list of Easter eggs in the games alphas

Map Related

On the Sahara map, if anyone climbs and falls in the pyramid in the center of the map, a swarm of locusts is released and kills every Unit on the map, one by one, regardless of which team (if a Blue Peasant triggers the Easter egg, the swarm will kill Blue Unit anyway).

Also, on the Neon Map, a Cube will sometimes fall from the top of the central pillar, this Cube can cause a variety of effects if a Unit runs into it.

Est. Performance

When you place down 500 Units, Incredibly Heavy will change to "Stahp". This continues as you put down more units, adding extra A's at certain intervals. Eventually, after an insanely high threshold, it simply reads "404".


Early Acesses

Here is a list of Easter eggs in the current version

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The Landfall Games logo appears on various items in the game, from unit accessories to Map structures. Examples of these are here: An Greek spelling of "Landfall Games", with its a logo above (Located on the Ancient 2 map), along with the well known "secret door" which is glowing (located on Medieval 1).

Mega units

Giant Protector

In the early access, unit sizes and body parts are random. There is a a very small chance that a unit will spawn as a giant. The exact chances are unknown, but Wilhelm has said that it's probably a 1/10,000 chance that the unit will be super-sized or super-small. This applies to all units (weapons don't change size).

Disformed Units

Every now and then there are units with strange body parts doing weird things. This generally doesn't affect their ability to fight unless they are super tiny! You can find all glitches at the Units page.


Multiple Statues are referenced through certain maps; these being the Stone Age Animals located within and around the cave on one of the faction maps, the Thinker, located on the ancient and renaissance map, Medusa's stone corpse, visibly missing a head. It is unknown whether Medusa will be within the full game. The final one located on the Ancient map is a Mammoth statue. There is also a statue on the Dynasty map of a chicken.
Statue 4.
Statue 5

A Statue within the cave

Secret units

Landfall 1
There are hidden units in the game unlocked by finding their weapons. There will likely be other ways to unlock secret units in the future.


This Easter egg consists of 4 secret units: The Mace Spinner, the Da Vinci Tank, Lady Red Jade, and Blackbeard, with the Cheerleader. When the first four units are cheered on enough, they will spin so much, They will form an almost unstoppable tornado.

Giant Snake-like Creature

These bones are everywhere, including Viking 1, Spooky 1, and both of the medieval maps. It is not clear what they do, but they may only be used for decorative purposes.


There is a chicken on almost every map, possibly hinting the return of the chicken man.


A long sword is placed atop the Viking map, in imitation of the Arthurian sword in the stone.

Sword 1.
Skeleton 1
Skeleton 2.
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