The Dynasty faction (Formerly known as the Asian Faction) is a Faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


The Dynasty faction is one of the 11 available factions in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator that got released alongside the open alpha. During the campaign, (it’s the first faction that has its own) you must fight against the Dynasty faction in its own section of the campaign. These units are based on oriental warriors from the 1300s to around about the 1500s. Then you have to beat some levels using only the Dynasty faction.

This faction has a particular relation to projectiles: most units are ranged units, or have something against projectiles. For examples, the Samurai can parry every (light) projectile, while the Firework Archer fire fireworks, the Dragon can serve as a flamethrower, and the Hwacha is capable of crowd-control fire, or the Ninja throws several shurikens in a fast manner. This makes compromises between a fair defense, and a fair offense.


This faction has its own map,(Dynasty)a mostly Japanese-themed place with water canals, bridges, Japanese trees, and a pagoda, and within this map, the Shogun, Sensei, Lady Red Jade, Samurai Giant, and taekwondo can be found.


Units Name Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
508440 20190510173007 1 Samurai 140 250 90 3
Fireworkboi.octet-stream Firework Archer 180 40 70 8
Monkvsmonkeyking Monk 250 450 60 1.5
607d27a1ead232feafd88f7e1367abe6 Ninja 500 300 90 0.5
Dragon festival Chinese Dragon 860 1500 90 1.5 (Slap), 3 (Kick)
873ed058a059185eeb272ffa15fedf14 Hwacha 1500 100 200 10
C0d3c542cdcdbbce264e93476fb6ffbd Monkey King 2000 400 80 0.5 (Staff), 4 (Jump)

Old Units


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