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The Da Vinci Tank is the boss unit from the Renaissance faction. They are equipped with DaVinci Cannons.


Da Vinci Tank will move in range and spin like a carousel and send barrages of cannonballs with their 16 cannons on a target. The tank has extremely high health, and is almost invulnerable to small footman due to its constant spinning and deadly cannons.


The Da Vinci Tank is mobile hut-shaped tank with 16 cannons facing around the tank in a circular pattern. The tank will spin around and begin firing the cannons at units if in range. The tank has colorful wooden panels around the dome of the vehicle that act as armor. Inside the vehicle is the mastermind, controlling the entire device: Da Vinci.


The tank is exceptionally tough, able to survive a few Ballista bolts without dying. When the tank gets within range, it spins so its cannons can face the enemy. It will fire a volley and then will have to wait for the cannons to reload. The spinning motion of the tank, and the cannons jutting out from the sides can easily knock down and damage short-ranged melee units attacking it, so dealing with them shouldn't be a problem, and along with this, the cannons deal contact damage, so if you need a good Unit for your army, then this is definitely an option.


The tank rotates, firing one to two shots at a time as it spins. The tank seems to be good at dealing damage across large hordes of troops. The tank can also have high knockback damage too. If there was a horde of Peasants coming at all directions, it would fire all cannons in every direction. Unfortunately, this also results in friendly fire.

As the tank spins, the exterior panels of the tank will fly up, exposing the driver inside. The driver has little health but spins very rapidly, rendering most projectiles useless.

The tank has few weaknesses to exploit, but there are some methods that can be used to achieve victory. The tank costs a lot, so it can't be used often. A firing line of 11 Musketeers or 3 Ballistae together can kill the tank in 1 volley. 1 Hwacha has enough firepower in a single attack to kill the Da Vinci Tank, but if the tank is spinning, the Hwacha will often shoot around it. While the tank has a lot of health, the driver inside has relatively less health, making units that can deal damage through the armor useful, such as the Musketeer, the Bomb Thrower, the Bomb Cannon, Wheelbarrow Dragon, Ullr, the Bone Mage, Zeus, the Deadeye, the Fan Bearer, Thor, and 3/4 of the Giants. Halflings are good as a distraction, as they are small and can get under the cannons. Valkyries are probably the most cost efficient way to defeat it, as they dive at it outside of its attack range and then they attack it from the top, where it can't hit them. The Monkey King's doubles can get inside the tank, causing a distraction. Painters can take the tank down if it isn’t moving too fast, as they can dodge the cannonballs, allowing them to get under the cannon height, and attack from that point. Thor can two-shot the tank with their thunder attack and a single Cannon Barrage from Blackbeard is enough to defeat it because of the big hitbox.

The cannons are fairly short-ranged and small, and the cannonballs break upon impact. In effect, each individual cannon is only able to hit a single target, unlike the Cannon.

Unit Possession

The cannons will fire automatically if a unit is within range and in front of a loaded cannon. The player can either manually turn the tank by moving the camera, or press space while in range to spin the tank. Right or left-clicking seems to jerk the tank forward slightly.


  • The Da Vinci TankW is a prototype design made by Leonardo Da VinciW along other designs such as a RobotW, a carW, and a helicopterW.
  • It has only two wheels, but it can move in every direction.
  • Development videos show the Da Vinci Tank can have its cannons swapped out with other weapons, such as swords or healing staffs.
  • If enough Cheerleaders support it, the tank will become a tornado, much like Mace Spinner, Lady Red Jade, and Blackbeard. The tank can still shoot while in the tornado, and the tornado is larger.
  • There is a glitch where the icon for the Da Vinci Tank becomes the icon for the Catapult. There is also another glitch where it may shoot its cannons at the units on the other side.
  • As shown in the video Da Vinci’s tank used to need some tweaking. It used to blast itself into the air and flip over. This has now been fixed.
  • When hit with a "heavy" attack, such as Samurai Giant's sword attack, one of the tank's plates will smash into the tank and get stuck in the tank. This is not due to damage, because practically all of a Hwacha's bolts could hit one plate (enough to kill the tank,) but the plate won't "fold". thus we use the term "heavy".
  • When enough balloon arrows hit a plate, the plate will "flip" upwards.
  • Upon death the plates become detached, commonly flying everywhere.
  • There is a glitch when snakes attack the tank. When the snakes get thrown by the tank they become straight and elongated, after a couple seconds the snakes go back to normal.
  • The Da Vinci Tank had the same voice as the Ballista and Hwacha, but differently from the two, it has a slightly low-pitched tone, as well as the cannon.
  • The Da Vinci Tank is the most expensive Unit that you don't need to unlock.
  • The Deadeye can one shot the Da Vinci Tank if they hit it just right.
  • It can be beaten easily by a Valkyrie, since the Valkyrie can fly above the range of the Cannons, except when there are other units with the Da Vinci Tank to distract the Valkyries, in this case the Valkyries will attack them and will almost certainly die.
  • If you possess the Da Vinci Tank, it automatically shoots at enemies even when not pressing space bar when you rotate it on your own.
  • In reality, Da Vinci themself never would have operated this tank, as they hated fighting.
  • Since Da Vinci is in the Da Vinci Tank, it is unlikely for them to get hurt . However, if the tank is destroyed, they will be defeated and unable to fight.
  • It's possible to Units get stuck inside the tank via using Presents or another way.
  • In real life there were no evidence of it being used in battle or even being built in the first place.
  • While the Da Vinci Tank has more health, most of the time it will be defeated by the Tank due to their much longer range and powerful ranged and melee attacks.
  • It has the fastest rotation, beating the Mace Spinner.
  • It is speculated that Da Vinci themself was homosexual.


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