Chickens in the air

These are bugs and glitches that TABS has. Some of them have already been fixed, but the update in which they were in effect is listed. If not specified, the effect has not been fixed; the section the glitch appears in is the first appearance of the glitch. There is such things as a "Bug DLC" but the "bugs" are not actual bugs.

Pre-Alpha Glitches

The Flying Spaghetti Man Glitch

In the earliest form of the game, Catapults and Ballistas had a glitch that would cause a character to stretch like spaghetti then fly into the sky; it was patched in the second Pre-Alpha update but returned in the Open Alpha update.

Open Alpha Glitches

Suicidal Headbutter Glitch

After performing an attack their is a chance that the Headbutter will die when hitting a enemy.


Any Unit can be placed on certain trees in the Scotland map, it appears to be on top of some invisible box

Chicken off map Glitch

Chickens will only travel on one plane of the map, like a flat bridge.

Sloth Super Peasants

This glitch made the Super Peasant move and charge much slower than it is supposed to.

It should look like this.

It has been patched in the Closed Alpha.

Scotland tree glitch

In the Scotland map, there are lots of trees. Certain trees can have units placed on them.

Chicken Man Man Model Glitch

There is a glitch with the Chicken Man Man where if he is attacked by a Dark Peasant, his model will glitch out, causing it to expand and fly off into the sky. This glitch also causes lag.

  • This also happened to unit models in the first Pre-Alpha.
  • This glitch can also be caused by pitting a large amount of Spearthrowers against a Chicken Man Man. If enough spears hit him, the model will glitch out and "explode".
  • It can also happen to Chicken Men.

This Chicken Man Man had his model turn into "spaghetti" after getting hit with too many spears.

Jump Off The Map

Glitched Chicken Man
Sometimes, only in the Open Alpha, when you win a level, you don't finish. Then any troops left will walk slowly and jump of the map. Even when they fall off, the level still doesn't finish, causing you to have to restart.

War Machine Operator Flies Off

Sometimes, a war machine (like a Catapult) will glitch out, causing the operator to get ejected and fly off. The Cannon Crews affected by this glitch are prone to tipping over and starting to fire into the ground until either they're destroyed or the battle ends.

Confused Chicken Man Glitch

After a battle has ended, a chicken man man spawned chicken man will continue to walk. This can also occur with Chickens.

Some Units Don't Attack

If you place a lot of hwachas and you place them all over your side of the map, some hwachas wont do anything. They just sit there motionless.


Sometimes the physics happen to glitch, and units lose their weapons. This often happens with a LOT of lag or when too much knockback is applied to a single unit. The common targets of this glitch are Trump, Samurai Master and the Cannon Crew (the person standing behind flies out), however they may not be the only ones. The troop affected will still have their hands in place as if they were holding their weapon. With ranged units (very common with Trump) their weapons will shoot despite not being operated by the wielder. This may or may not be helpful at all, but usually, it adds an extreme disadvantage.

Infinite Reload

This glitch happens often (and almost only) when facing ranged units against the Chicken Man Man: If too many projectiles hit him (Darkpeasant's spikes included), it is likely that the units that were attacking him after he dies will gain EXTREMELY quick reload speed, however they will keep shooting at the dead body, making them useless. Note that this glitch will make the game lag after some time because of the amount of bullets on screen.

Known units that can use this glitch: Archer, Trump, Hillary, Ninja Master, Musket, Spearthrower, M16 and Dark Peasant.

Super fast M16
"Infinite Hwacha"

Helicopter Chariot.

If too many Chariots are placed, some will fly and spin like a helicopter. They do not die when being thrown into the air. This has been recorded with a Barrelroller.

Talking After Battle

When placing a Hillary and start a battle, she will still talk after battle about e-mails. This happens with any victory, loss or escaping the battle. More rarely, Trump will also act in the same manner.

  • In rare cases, either Hillary or Trump do not talk at all, no matter how many times you restart. This can not be fixed, unless you uninstall and re-download the game.

Flying Wall

When Trump is facing against a Chicken Man Man or another Trump, he'll build a wall on the Chicken Man Man's feet or the opposing Trump's wall, effectively making the wall float. It might trigger the glitch at the new Asian map or the Neon map too.

Hwacha Arrow Glitch

If the lag is high, and the user presses "esc" to exit the battle, Hwacha arrows in midair will continue to move.

Closed Alpha Glitches

Pole Sliding

If any unit (mostly Shield, Energy Pistol, and Energy Sword Master) comes into contact with the pole in the middle of the Neon map, they will slide upwards at an incredible speed. After they reach the top, they fly up in the air and then fall down. It is likely that this glitch is caused by the climbing system added in the Closed Alpha.

Death by plague over dose

In the update, if you placed a unit in the pyramid on Sahara before the round starts, there is a chance the plague will spawn like crazy. After the round starts, the plagues would attack like normal, but you could black out the sky with them.

Double Spawn

This is a glitch that occurs often in the Closed Alpha. When a unit is placed on the map it will sometimes spawn two, taking the same amount of money as if you had spawned two separately. This can make some units (especially ranged units) handicapped, as their limbs will tangle together. This glitch can be identified by the sound it makes when it posts two units.

Pre-Battle Model Glitch

Terrifying glitch

Sometimes, when playing the Campaign, the Blue army models glitch out. When the player starts the battle, the models look and work as intended.

Falling Off Map AI Glitch

If a unit falls off the map, it has to fall a certain distance before dying. Enemy units will still follow it before that happens and walk off the map themselves.

Lag Related Glitches

  • Infinite HwachaA glitch that is caused in game with the Est. Performance Impact of Very Heavy or more. The Archer fires arrows extremely quickly, at the speed of a Hwacha, but never running out.
  • The M16 bullets go through everything: Whenever a lot of lag happens the bullets the M16 fires become completely ineffective and go through everything. On a weaker computer this can happen on a battle with only a few units
  • Catapults Disappearing: When too many Catapults shoot at once they lag and disappear and the level won't end.
  • Ranged inaccuracy: On weaker computers, or on especially full games, ranged units can become extremely inaccurate, missing most shots.

Other Glitches

  • Slow motion projectiles: When slow motion is activated using the mouse one key, most projectiles will no longer arch like they are supposed to, and will remain pointing in the direction they were fired. When they hit an enemy, they will suddenly change in the direction they should have been facing when they hit, but if they hit any other object, they will usually sink through the floor, instead of staying stuck in it. Archers, Hwachas and Spearmen are affected by this glitch
  • If you place a unit to close to the edge of a simulation map, there is a chance the unit will glitch out and end up partially inside the edge of the map.
  • If you go to the pirate map and go to the waters staying bearly above water, you can see under it normally.
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