Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - BUG DLC Trailer

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - BUG DLC Trailer

Mammoth tower
Clubber with wings

An example of what you can do with the "Make units huge" and "Make units tiny"


The Bug DLC is a DLC released on April 1st, 2020. It adds 11 features, all of which can be enabled or disabled. You can download the free version or buy a $5 version, the paid-for version gives half the money spent to Doctors Without Borders (limited time only).


The Features added are stated to be bugs, while they are not bugs, the features are very random, game-breaking, and overpowered.

  • Enable Debug Tools - This feature adds debug tools, there are 5 in total.
  1. The first one is Push which blows air similar to the Fan Bearer.
  2. The second one is Grab which lets you pick up units.
  3. The third one is Shoot, it lets you shoot most projectiles.
  4. The forth one, Vacuum, lets you place a vacuum area sucking units to that area.
  5. The final one, Invert Gravity will cause all units to float when used.
Black hole
  • Big fireworks - Fireworks to do more damage and have more thrust.
  • Make units not die - Units can't die.
  • Make ranged units attack fast - Increases the fire rate of ranged units.
  • Make balloons metal - Balloons are metal which causes units to get fall/get stuck to the ground.
  • Make units huge - Makes units big.
  • Make units tiny - Makes units small.
  • Pillar Mammoth - Allows you to place mammoths on top of mammoths.
  • Halfling turns into a black hole - Halflings can turn into black holes, sucking in nearby units.
  • All units spin - Units will spin around like the Mace Spinner.
  • All units get wings - All units gain Valkyrie wings when the battle starts.


  • The Bug DLC, TABS Early Access, TABZ, and TABG all came out on April 1st (April fools).
  • If you have "all units spin on" you can make any unit go tornado if you have cheerleaders.
  • One of the only way units die with "make units not die" is to have them go out of bounds or have them get frozen.
  • With the "make units not die", it is still possible to kill a Clubber with 89 Hwachas.
  • "Big fireworks" can be combined with "Debug tool" shoot.
  • "Make balloons metal" can be combined with "Debug tool" shoot.
  • Units cannot be killed by the halfling black hole if "make units not die" is on.
  • With this update Tree Giants and Samurai giants got deeper voices, and everything they do has a lower sound.
  • With the "make units tiny" bug on units have high pitched voices.
  • With the "make units huge" bug on units have low pitched voices.
  • With the "make units tiny" bug on sometimes the units weapon float in front of them.
  • With the "make units, tiny" bug on some units seem to crawl.
  • If you possess a unit while you grabbed on to it, using push, or using vacuum, you can fly everywhere.
  • Some units (ex. Ice giant) are not as effective while "make units huge" bug is on.
  • When "make ranged units attack fast" is on, for some reason, healers are effected. This means that healers can survive underwater by healing each other.
  • Fun fact: Fan Bearers are effected by "make ranged units attack fast" bug.
  • You can combine debug powers by holding down a button for one power and then switching for another one.
  • Cheerleaders are effected by "make ranged units attack fast" bug.
  • Eventually, a black hole can cease to exist.
  • When the black hole reaches its maximum form it disappears, but if your use grab unit and the unit doesn't die you move unit close to the black hole and it stills suck unit in.
  • Once a black hole ceases to exist the black hole effect is still there, after a while the black hole's gravity stops.
  • Units have less HP when "make units tiny" bug is on.
  • A unit might've been leaked because of the shoot power. (Bomb archer could be a new secret pirate unit?)
  • You can place different sized units by having "make units huge" bug or "make units tiny" bug on and then turning it off.
  • Units have more HP when "make units huge" bug is on.
  • You can pick up projectiles with collision (ex. Cannon, Cannon bomb, Catapult rock, Pumpkin catapult rock, and stoner's stone.)
  • When "make units huge" is on Catapult/Pumpkin catapult the rock seems to be floating.
  • You can pick up a units weapon when they're dead, and with certain weapons, you can kill other units.
  • When "All units get wings" is on even Cannon, Bomb cannon, Catapult, Pumpkin catapult, Ballista, and Hwacha, will also get their own wings. So the machine its self has wings and the controller controlling the machine also has wings.
  • When "All units get wings" the Ice giant and the Mammoth will have the wing inside their body. This may be a bug but quite a funny one.
  • Whenever a bomb on a stick unit attacks another unit successfully, with the bug "Units don't die" they drop their weapon and attack like peasants.
  • Melee units float at Valkyrie height when bug "All units get wings" is on.
  • Ranged units float at Cupid height when bug "All units get wings" is on.
  • Artillery units float at Valkyrie height when bug "All units get wings" is on.
  • Projectile shoot introduces a new projectile: Bomb arrows. This is probably a sign that a Bomb archer unit will come to the game soon.
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