• BagOfToast

    Miscellenous weapons

    September 16, 2020 by BagOfToast

    Ive been making a miscellenous weapons page including some projectiles with no other place to be.

    Finnally done check it weapons

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  • BagOfToast

    Unit editor

    September 15, 2020 by BagOfToast

    So what units are you planning to make?

    Im gonna make a yt one.

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  • Jack Pomi06

    Units' skeleton

    September 12, 2020 by Jack Pomi06

    I made a photo of how units' (but not spooky units) skeleton could look. Here are photos:

    The differences from real human skeleton: larger eyeholes, no fingers and toes, longer rib cage.

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    September 3, 2020 by KINGDOY

    just checking back again. I'd like to say hey to all the new members and staff. May you guys carry the torch that the old staff lit. Best of luck

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  • PvZGwchampion

    I've noticed that most of the origional staff have either been removed, or inactive. I am seeing that in a few weeks to months, a whole new generation of Staff with be in the Totally accurate Battle Simulator Wiki. I've asked one staff member to step down from the position of  Bureucrat, for I cannot remove that position from them, and I have also demoted on Administrator. I would hate to get rid of them all, but it may happen.

    I hope they become more actice -PvZGwchampion

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  • ShadowLeviathanKing

    (Part 1 is right Here) Ok. Here we go! Part 2: 

    "It was a cold day in the far reaches of Viking Territory, as the Super Peasant arrived at his destination. A massive Ice Lake where there in the ice, a being once a lowly Peasant now a supernatural Evil rested, his heart becoming far darker with each passing Day, it had been many years since the Dark Peasant had tried to take the World. But the Super Peasant was here to see his old friend. But as the Super Peasant Approached the site, he saw something was clearly wrong, the Ice had been cracked and Darkness leaked from the hole where the Dark Peasant had rested. Dead Vikings littered the area. He had Escaped... and for the first time in a while, the Super Peasant felt Fear."

    "Suddenly, Black S…

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  • Some cardboard box

    I have Been Getting Lots of Massive Knights within the past hour, it turns out that the game was updated? Earlier i put 9 units together , knight being one of them, and the total price is 2390, this was a hour or 2 ago, and now those 9 units are 2530, has this affected any other units?

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  • AxelLucodiel

    I've been getting a bug(?) where a unit will instantly activate it's ability (e.g. the Knight's Charge, Jester's Backflip) when it hit's a unit(while I'm controlling it), has anybody else gotten a similar bug(?)(I'ma also make a discussion about this, because some people stay with the blog posts, while some just stick with the discussions(I think))

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  • AcnhGoldieluvr

    Unit Editor

    August 25, 2020 by AcnhGoldieluvr

    Wasn't this feature supposed to come today with the legacy update?

    It didn't so will it uploaded soon do you think?

    Or is this is a glitch and everyone else has it.

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  • TheOneThatSavesTABS


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  • PvZGwchampion

    Wiki Scavenger Hunt

    August 22, 2020 by PvZGwchampion

    So after all this work that needs to be done on this Wiki, I thought we need a little game. So, I will host a scavenger hunt for those who want to join. I have a list of things you need to find and you find them. These things can be units, Easter eggs, non-article pages, etc. After you find your answers you can type it into my wall. I would suggest e-mail for security, but there are safty hazards. I will count up all your answers to the hunt and whoever gets the most closest to what the hunt key was looking for will win a badge. (Shown below)

    It isn't much and there is nothing that will mess up the Wiki so there's nothing wrong with it. A badge isn't much, but mostely only staff have them and this is one-of-a-kind, but your choice! To join, c…

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  • PvZGwchampion

    Okay, there will be a lot of work to be done. And for the reason that we will most likely recreate pages, I'll need someone to contact Contant Mods or active Admins to delete repeating pages. (Active Admins are Mostly PvZGwchampion ,  Huntertabbysandshark3 and ThatRandomGuy2 at this point. Contant Mods are Lightye and ShadowLeviathanKing). There is a link to a Google Doc of all the weapons in the game that we need pages for. I will start out by creating main pages for the weapons, and special attacks that list them than indivivdual pages can come later.

    This is all still a bit confusing, but I'm sure we can get it figured out after we start.

    Link to doc:


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  • PvZGwchampion

    So I have looked over the Wiki, and the TABS game doesn't include too much stuff at this point, and for this reason, there are very little pages than there can be. This wiki is also overstaffed for one this small. What I propose is create a page for every type of projectile, weapon, and maybe when unit editor comes out,catagory or individual pages of hats, pants, etc can be made. This will give contributers more to do than fix grammer and adding comments. 

    Let me know what you think of this plan to improve the Wiki. I will not start this project until 2 days after this announcment.


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  • ShadowLeviathanKing

    This morning a user on this wiki by the name of Harren Tonderen attacked the wiki, he Vandalized pages and sometimes would erase everything on a page. after about a hour, one of the Fandom Staff came on and blocked the (Now two) Vandals. Below I have a list of everyone who had a part in it.

    Harren Tonderen: Vandalized pages.

    Darwinoss: Supported the Vandal at first and then started Vandalizing too.

    AxelLucodiel: Reverted a lot of Vandal edits and saved pages.

    Ohyeahman27: Supported teammates and helped out.

    ShadowLeviathanKing: Reverted Vandal edits.

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  • ShadowLeviathanKing

    As a person who really likes Fantasy and History, the Knights Appearance is a disgrace, below I will list why it is wrong: (This might take a while)

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  • Lightye

    It comes up as a dead page. It says

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  • Will554moom

    Mine is Gunslinger

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  • Lightye

    One of these things.

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  • ShadowLeviathanKing

    So I like to write fantasy, so I thought: What if I created a TABS story? So here it is:

    Long ago, in the world of TABS, lived two young Peasants, they both were very good friends and often played together. But they were in the middle of a Warzone. The Ancient and Medieval Factions were at War, and everyone was affected. One of the boys lived on the Ancient side of the farm lands. He was considered a charming and kind little boy, the Ancient Faction had a policy that states: "The Citizens are the foundation to a Nation" So people living on the Ancient side had somewhat low taxation. 

    But the other boy lived on the Medieval side, and things were much worse. During peacetime the Citizens of the Medieval Faction had some Taxes but they were not…

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  • FierysPC357

    so recently it was announced that many units from older versions of tabs would be coming back to the game in an update. it seems we already know a lot of them, around 15 in fact. a lot of old timers here, as well as some coming over from when tabs 3.0 started. overall, here's my thoughts:

    - i think a lot of the units coming back are really good choices:

    the dark, regular, and super peasants are all great choices. while i can't say i want more cannon fodder in this game, it's good to have the peasants either way, and the changes to the dark peasant sound fascinating.

    apparently the boxers are coming back, which, while they aren't my personal favorites, i am interested to see what they've done to them in the update.

    the pikemen are back too, whi…

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  • Crazyman4001

    Who thinks it? I defenitely do

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  • ShadowLeviathanKing

    In this blog I will be covering all Units coming in the expected Secret Update. (And maybe a map) My reasoning will also be covered in this too. (If you know or want to add another unit to this please comment below.)

    Wizard: We saw Landfall's CEO tweet a Video that shows a Wizard Unit. 

    Dark Peasant: (This thing is very exiting for me) We saw another Landfall member post a Dark Peasant design. She also confirmed that it was a Dark Peasant in the Replys.

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  • EdwMaginot

    Since some months, I quite lost my interest into TABS, thus I am not interested anymore at contributing to this wiki, and will not care about what may happen here or with the games.

    This is thus useless message me about the game or the wiki, I won't come back that early.

    I write that in case someone wants to contact me on this wiki, I may answer, but not do any favor or task asked. It's nothing against anyone, it's just a lack of interest.

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  • Colin-Shaw

    Does anyone else think they need a slight nerf? You always need extremely specific units to beat them.

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  • Ohyeahman27

    New Factions

    June 14, 2020 by Ohyeahman27

    I wonder what the new factions will be...

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  • Ry362

    Unit Page error

    June 9, 2020 by Ry362


    In unit menu on the Units wiki page, there is no tab for vikings, and all of the viking units are in the acient tab.

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  • Fireandice77

    this unit has the most broken feture. you might know that you can make it so one side cant win. that is done by removing all the win conditions on the team you dont want to win. if you do this and put the miner on the opposet team then kill or let the miner die he drops in picaxe. if you use the free dlc and turn on the bug menu and use grab on the picaxe you can swing it around. if you hit it into the ground you can damge units.and even the ice giant can be killed this way but it takes some time because it still only dose the damge that the miner dose when he attacks. 

            If there are any youtubers that read this shout out this page and if you could show this in one of your videos.          

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  • Thetotalboss

    i just thought it was weird that this page did'nt have any proof this was ever supposed to be implented into the game

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  • MajorArmBreak


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  • Giantfwogmanree

    Could quickdraw be the new faction boss? Because landfall showed gunslinger in large numbers, which they don't usually do with a boss. Also, they showed a lone quickdraw at the start of the trailer, possibly hinting it is a powerful unit. One last thing: did you see how quickly the quickdraw took down those squires in the trailer? I'm not really sure about this, so I'd like it if some of you could give me your opinion. 

    If you haven't seen the trailer yet you can see it here .

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  • Phan anh0964936907

    you can find a lot of tabs secret "I don't say about secret unit,actually it about secret of tabs" like: -healer can cancel cupid love effect to unit -berserker doesn't take damage when he charge -update painter can dodges almost everything on tabs -bard can kill people in first person mode -If a unit take too many hit from the potionseller the unit will run alway

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    Hello Friends!

    January 27, 2020 by KINGDOY

    It's been a while, and I've just wondered how the wiki is holding up considering the game is out and released in full force. Please note, this is not me coming back. I just want to see how it's going. Regards to fireboyy for putting that nice message on my profile :)

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  • Mister Kad

    Another year of working on the wiki, been about, 4 years now for me. I feel so old. Anyways, Happy holidays, happy new year, and let's keep this wiki alive! Have a good one everyone!

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  • EdwMaginot

    Taking a small break from the Levels page (This is so much work), I wanted to share my experiments on Cheerleaders, those units that buff others, on various units, mostly ranged one, that make them powerful, or very fun.

    Note that every formations told here are just X Cheerleaders + Y Unit. Also note that controlling the Y unit is advised for extra fun, and less random results.

    Finally, if you intend to accompany one of those setup with others units or setups, the cheerleaders must be placed near the Y unit, and far from potential other unit that might steal their attention.

    Like it's name indicate, put at least 3 Cheerleaders and one Ballista. Thanks to the update of Cheerleader's cost, this use only 2400 of budget with this default setup.


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  • ThatRandomGuy2

    I found a few pages for unconfirmed units, I marked them for deletion. I believe these pages were made because of misinformation and assuming.

    This is the first page. The page alludes to a victorian era faction, this faction will not come to TABS unless it's added as DLC or after full release content. The page shows a unit creator asset image as the source.

    This is the second page. This page also shows a unit creator asset image as the…

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  • TheDuke5627

    Inactive Editors

    November 25, 2019 by TheDuke5627


    As I look at many of the contributors it is clear that many of them have either forgotten about or lost interest in the Wiki. Now they’re taking up places as admins or other jobs. It’s not a huge problem but is there a way to fix it?

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  • That0neDoodi3

    Something that has been annoying me as I edit these articles is that the points of interest in them are all in different orders. Some have Extra content, A table for content, the way to unlock it is as the very bottom (secret units), How some units are in the wrong factions (Skeleton soldiers in the pirate faction???) and top it all off some pages are protected for no reason. There has to be some sense of unity in writing these, I've been editing for an hour now and I've been barely 2% of what needs to be changed. Please help fix this. I love tabs and i want the wiki to be as good as the game

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  • Mister Kad

    The current Discord server is a mess, I'll be honest.

    I was thinking if we were to create a new one, reorganzing it, we could utilize it more than what it is at the moment.

    Leave your votes so I can get a general idea of what to do with it.

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  • Mister Kad

    Hey all, I'll start with this.

    I apologize for the lack of contribution on the wiki, even being one of the users who was here when it first started. The years have flown by like crazy. I'm not gonna write some sob story, but a lot of personal life struggles and school had piled on me, and was having a lot  issues health wise (both physical and mental). After rebooting my old email, I returned to see that the wiki had finally had an active working force again, and immediately felt horrible upon realizing that I had dissapeared from here almost entirely. Well, I'm back, and I'm going to try my best to keep up.

    Since then I've also gotten a much better PC, so I can easily do screenshots and have input on the game when writing articles. I'll pro…

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  • DoctorFannon

    Where to Next?

    November 19, 2019 by DoctorFannon

    Ok, so I have decided to come back for a little while to this wiki, for old times sake I guess. Don't call me a boomer. I would like to pose the question of where should we be concentrating our efforts?(ie wait for Landfall to release new stuff or edit existing pages). I would love to help out here again, but I don't honestly know where to start. 

    Current Ideas:

    • Reformat the pictures on many of the pages.
    • Make sure that the pictures are historically accurate; ie don't put a machine gun for a gattling gun etc.

    Please help lol.


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  • K9SevenNine

    When? Faction*

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  • DarkPeasant2017

    Permission to add back the "Ranged" category?

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  • Thunder The Slapoda


    October 30, 2019 by Thunder The Slapoda


    so I found a "Spooky" faction in TABS

    there are Vampires, Skeleton Warriors, Reapers and more

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  • ILoveAllGolems

    Removal of wanted pages

    September 23, 2019 by ILoveAllGolems

    Does anyone know of a way to remove pages when you go to create a new page? Because the Farmer Faction is suggested, but there is a page for that already.

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  • ILoveAllGolems

    Random page feature

    September 19, 2019 by ILoveAllGolems

    The random page feature is really good, as it allows users to quickly find a random page and fix it up.

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  • Flannagus

    tabs fanart

    September 14, 2019 by Flannagus


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  • ILoveAllGolems

    Badges for beginners.

    September 11, 2019 by ILoveAllGolems

    So I created an account for the TABS wiki, and within 20 minutes I have 7 (soon to be 8 with this blog post). Pretty good for a wiki to have such easy-to-get badges, huh?

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  • Mister Kad

    Sorry for the inactivity, personal life and school have been an inconvenience.

    However I think at this point TABS is more inactive than I am. Really wondering about this pattern of pickup/drop. It’s certainly disappointing seeing how much we’ve archived everything.

    Hopefully it’ll see the light of Day again soon.

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  • Strikeovercrazy2

    My units

    August 17, 2019 by Strikeovercrazy2

    Explorer - Fencer and teacher in one with a bit of painter

    Crossbow - Chu nu ku but shoots 7 projectiles and delay is slower, Walks backwards to avoid emenys hitting it can also jump back.

    M08 - Auto-fires/fires quickly and shoots 4 bullets however the extra bullets mean the knockback is even higher pretty much m16 unit

    Morning Star - weaker mace-spinner with tonrado eg

    Lumberjack - will charge at the units (calavary charge) however his axes can 1 shot weak units used for cleaning up units

    Javelin - Shoots 2 spears at 1 unit! it had 1 hp had to make it weak otherwise to op! anyways it will use it sheild to block

    Spearer - Sarrisa but with a fencer doge abbity.

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  • OmgHAX!

    So, you want to make some units in TABS? So do I. Except as of this time, the Unit Editor is still a long ways off, I have little experience with Unity or model sculpting, and basically have to start from square one. I imagine this will be true for many other aspiring creators.

    Not to worry, I intend to research this and let you know what I learn. This first post will be an introduction to what I've gleaned from other modders and what kind of software you'll need.

    Before anything, you'll want to download and install dnSpy. It'll allow you to open up and edit Assembly-CSharp.dll files for when you modify TABS. It's available here .

    I imagine that this is where you'll be creating your units; you'll want to have at least some familiarity with co…

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