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Real testudo

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Real musket line

Formation Bonuses consist of special buffs and changes to unit behavior that apply when Units of a certain type are in close proximity to one another, or in a certain shape of formation. They reward players for setting up complex formations and battle strategies instead of simply dumping their Units into a mob (a common tactic used with spam units). They are not planned for the full release.[1]

Sheild Bonus Requirements
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator- Battle Formation Bonuses

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator- Battle Formation Bonuses

The official Landfall Games video on formation bonuses.

Known Formation Bonuses

  • Shield: Shield Units engage in a Testudo formation. If they are in formation, and have an allied Shield in front of them, they will raise their shields to block projectiles from above, such as arrows. In this fashion, Shields can weather heavy fire from non-armor-penetrating ranged units. In the video, the shields were bouncing on the ground, suggesting that the AI was trying to raise the shield but it was to heavy, or they awkwardly "crawl" with them.
    A formation of muskets
  • Archer: Archers gain range when in formation. They no longer friendly-fire, and are more accurate when firing, though at the cost of firing speed(unconfirmed). At close range, Archers in formation will simply fire as fast as they can, and may damage allies in a panic in this fashion.
  • Hoplites: Hoplites gain HP and lose speed when in formation. They can weather enemy mobs of Units such as Peasants and Footmen in this fashion, due to their large, round shields.
  • Muskets: When assembled into a firing line, Muskets become significantly more dangerous. Their firing speed is buffed, allowing them to loose volleys of fire much faster than when out of formation, letting them break large mobs of enemy melee Units with ease.


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