Totally Accurate Battle Simulator- Aztec Blowdarter

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator- Aztec Blowdarter

The Aztec Faction is a scrapped Faction that was meant to come to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. From the first and only unit shown, the Aztec Faction may have had lot of poison related units. Real Aztecs, in addition to using Blowdarts, used the Atlatl (a spear throwing device) and the Macuahuitl (a type of club). There could also have been the jaguar warrior and many other weapons.



  • The Blowdarter is the first unit showcased in the game to have a poisoning DOT (Damage Over Time) effect.
  • Landfall said they will add outfits and weapons in the unit creator from the Aztec faction.
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