The Ancient faction is a faction in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


The Ancient faction is a faction which contains multiple Units resembling Ancient, Greek and Roman soldiers. These units are moderately priced.

This faction gets the main usage of its units from strategy, (like the Romans and Greeks were famous for), by favoring the use of shields along with spears. Some units are inspired by Greek mythology, like Zeus for example.


  • Ancient 1 - Old Seaside Greek Town, with a giant Hoplite statue and a lighthouse and is almost symmetrical in appearance, and this map includes Artemis.
  • Ancient 2 - A hillside clustered by several temples, one in which can be found the Teacher.
  • Ancient Sandbox - A big open area that has plenty of space to place units. On the sides there are two towns, and at the very top of the map there is a mountain with a temple on top. You can get the fan bearer, cupid, and chu ko nu here.


Units Name Cost Health Speed Attack Speed
Shieldbearer Shield Bearer 100 60 80 2.5
Sarissa2 Sarissa 120 40 90 2
772f36678f71dd4643f3f417565a2fc6 Hoplites 180 100 8 2.5 (Shield), 1.5 (Spear)
Snakearcher0 Snake Archer 300 50 (Archer), 65 (Snake) 80 14
Ballista2 Ballista 900 300 (Ballista), 40 (Operator) 150 10
20191028170356 1 Minotaur 1600 1150 60 2 (Punch), 15 (Charge)
Zeus1 Zeus 2000 300 70 1.5

Old Units


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